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  1. So it seems this game and forum is dead. Can someone please prove me wrong.
  2. I was just playing this game today and mid game more achievements had been removed from my list. When i went back to the main menu my save had been deleted. I am done with this game. Its broken, does not work and should never have been released like this. And before anybody says that i should have made a backup, I did and they did not work.
  3. So do you think that that may be the definitive cause? I guess I should give it a try.
  4. I have noticed that when i sign back into my xbox i have even more achievements removed from me. While on GFWL i have only some removed. Does anybody why this is happening.
  5. Earlier today i unlocked two achievements, Dial Z for murder and Communication Breakdown. When i went on it tonight my gamerscore was lower than earlier and these two achievements had been removed from my unlocked ones. I have them on steam so i clearly did get them. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anybody know how to fix it? This is the PC version. Here is a video that shows that i have completed Zsasz' side mission. Edit: just found out that i am missing another achievement, Stop the clock. Just so you all know i tried searching the forums but i only got error messages so i could not search for this problem.
  6. Can you still get achievements while using any type of mod for this game? And if you can will that get you banned if you were to use a trainer for unlimited health? And can you still use vehicle mods while doing so?
  7. But i have done all missions and have still not unlocked it. Is there something you need to do or is there a special character you need to play as?
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