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  1. Bashing or should have been like EA's UFC game
  2. Seriously this is classed as finished??
  3. How are people finding the MIC?? Seen some reviews saying its poor and has bad lag.
  4. Yeah but instead we got that lame Karaoke downloadable game a few years back.
  5. Only got the game yesterday but not seen anything. Doesn't help that this forum is dead
  6. Its working again now. Well it has been and has even had a couple updates but its currently down.
  7. Transferred my saves over the cloud due to Rare Replay only to find them both missing Don't even show up if I go back to the 360 version. Guessing they are lost forever? Seem to remember them being a one time thing tied to the GT? Guessing ill have to set up a new tag just to get them. But I thought I would make this topic as from talking to Rare on twitter it seems others have had this issue.
  8. It's a code in the game to show just how pissed of rare are about the last couple years.
  9. Wasn't Goldeneye blocked by Nintendo who said they wouldn't let Activision release games on their consoles anymore if they allowed it? No one makes games for Nintendo now anyways so just go for it Only other stuff they have that's not listed are the Kinect games but its not a simple job of just making them work with the new Kinect. Pocket Paradise needs to come to phones already!
  10. Not really the fault of the gamers on this one. Many might not have even owned a 360 Plus we are talking fair about 2 achievements for a game that came out in 2008 so hardly a slap in the face for those that have them.
  11. Rare should just unlock the achievements for those that don't have them. Same worth the Rare Piñata if they aren't going to start giving it out again.
  12. So have I just glitched the 2nd test? I went to the top of the building but landed right in front of a guard so I ended up having to take them all out on the roof and he doesn't appear. I'm guessing I was supposed to clear the area as him rather than Bats? Edit - Just looked at a video and it appears the map marker is taking me to the wrong place!
  13. Yeah hand waving wont work for me.
  14. Seriously starting to piss me off. I do 50% damage and get no stars yet someone does 19% to my base and gets one plus a victory?!? They seriously need to sort this out.
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