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  1. Well, just before starting the first assassination, all of a sudden BAWSAQ won't connect. Never seen this before as I've always been able to buy from them. Did this from a random encounter when a guy recommended I buy Tinkle. Kind of sucks. Only Trevor and Michael stood to make anything of it anyway and not much for Trevor so I'm not too worried it wouldn't work.
  2. I have Windows 8.1 Professional Preview on an old laptop for messing around with to see if I actually ever want to install Windows 8 on my current laptop (I just mess around with it once in a while accessing it via Remote Desktop on my Windows 7 machine). I just saw AlphaJax released on Windows 8 and is cross-platform with the Windows Phone version and will sync achievements accordingly with your stats. I'm tempted to double up with this game (never doubled up before). The question I have is can I unlock achievements via the Preview? I don't want to start the game up and mess up anything on my account only because there are some syncing restrictions or glitches with the Preview. In case you were wondering, I do log into the Preview with my Microsoft Account, same account I use for Xbox, WP, Outlook, etc. Thanks for the help!
  3. The PC version is pretty dead but I hope people got into it from the Steam Sale. The VOD DLC achievements are pretty tough. Anyone want to group up to get them? This is for the PC version.
  4. Looking for people to do the VOD DLC Co-op on the PC version
  5. How hard is it to 100% TF2? I know getting 7 friends achievement must be a headache for sure. But what about the rest? Is there still an online community? I have the Orange Box and beat HL2, the episodes, and Portal on my alternate account because I didn't want to taint my completion on games. But, little did I know after beating the Half Life 2 games would it become of my top 3 franchises of all time now. I want to get the Portal and Half Life 2 achievements but I have absolutely no interest in TF2.
  6. Wow, finally completed these. I tried to go for them Legit. It helps that I'm a decent player. The Anniversary ones aren't too bad. I mostly played FFA to get them. The splatter one was easy, just hop into BTB, top shot came by accident, the rest I did in FFA. The infection one can be tough since there are only 8 people, I got kind of lucky when I got it, headhunter wasn't bad, it didn't show up often but when it did people voted for it. In my efforts I played headhunter 4 times and twice I was able to win by Skullamanjaro. If everyone starts clumping into one area, thats when it happens. I got the sticky a flag guy by playing Squad. Just camp with stickies. The most annoying one though had to be to kill someone with a sticky when they stick you. I didn't know it had to be a suicide to count. Basically, any TU playlist works since you can sprint which I recomend, I just kept camping by the stickies on Beaver Creek and hoped that someone would try to stick me then try to sprint into them. In the end the Anniversary ones took me like 2 days of playing. I wanted to get the 3 Defiant ones legit but it is just impossible. No DLC ever shows up in the Competetive playlists... ever! I got the assassination one legit in my second match of Squad DLC, almost everyone had armor lock and didnt camera pan during it so did it twice in one match technically. The other 2 though are impossible though. I tried solo and not a single DLC map ever appeared, even with a partner it still didn't happen. The best odds were to delete the Noble and Anniversary maps and boost, even then it still took a long tim. We played Living Dead, we tried Rumble Pit but Infection never showed up. We then moved onto Team Objective and after about 6 matches 1-flag showed up on condemned. Condemned showed up a lot which was nice.
  7. I just looked through the roadmap and have only become more and more confused as to what playlists I can get these achievements on. I want it to be as easy as possible (as in time) but still try to do them legit. However, just like a couple of the earlier DLC achievements from this game. I may still show up in the trading thread looking for some people to partner up with. I just got Emergency Room, what a nightmare that was. I've never even infected 3 people in a round before yet I did it on my first try but apparently because it was the Infection playlisy and a retail map I didn't get the pop. By some stroke up luck I got the 3 kills again on the Anniversary FFA playlist about an hour later. I saw the Headhunter achievement needs to be done in that same playlist yet not once did I even see Headhunter show up. So specifically, what achievements require which playlists or specific maps? Thanx! (Also, I no longer remember any map names so please try to be specific such as the map pack the map is in).
  8. Ok, I typically love stealth. Mass Effect I play Infiltrator, Splinter Cell is one of my favorite franchises of all time, and in games like Call of Duty and Battlefield I'm always about the silencer and other stealthy perks. However, that doesn't mean I don't like to kill. I always love doing lethal take downs in Splinter Cell games or if not at least shooting them in the head after I drag them unconcsiouly into some secluded room. I am a hardcore completionist too. I've only beaten the first mission and went to Limb, it has been 7 hours of playtime already! However, I realized I had a failed hack which means I probably failed foxiest. I already deleted the save and plan on starting over since that was like 4 hours into my play. I'm not sure if I should try and go for these two achievements on my first playthrough though. I always like to experience the game at its truist on my first playthrough and typically don't worry too much about achievements. But, I like the idea of being stealthy, maybe not going non-lethal though. What I'm worried about is that I don't want to play through the game once only to realize I messed up and have to play the same style a second time. Also, I plan on doing every single side mission so I'm not sure if certain side missions make it even harder to do these two achievements. Not to mention, if I go for it on my second playthrough, I'll know the areas which will make it easier, however my second playthrough will be on hard difficulty. I know I will still try to be stealthy on my first playthrough even if not going for the achievement. But I will be relieved of any worries about messing up. What should I do? Since I'm going to play stealthy on my first playthrough anyway should I just go for the achievements and be extra causious (sp) about kills vs knocking out, alarms, and hacking or should I just hold off till my second playthrough on the hardest difficulty? Also, I'm not so sure I want to play (or will want to play) a third time. Your thoughts? Thanx!
  9. Just saw this on Amazon when looking up black friday deals. Watched a gameplay vid from their site. I think the graphics look worse than Jane's USAF which came out for PC in 1998. On top of that, there is no simulation aspect. Just unrealistic arcade action. Kind of sad to see this as a Jane's game. They must have bought the name. I would have bought it too but if I wanted arcade action, I'd go with Ace Combat and I hate those games.
  10. I'm looking to do the two DLC Stockpile achievements. Send me a friend request and message that you're interested in doing this. We'll then try and figure out some time to do this. Don't just read this and post, make sure you send me a friend request otherwise you get nowhere.
  11. It must be messed up, I got the challenge as well by killing 3 people with a stick of dynamite while Attacking on Escalera in Stronghold, the achievement never popped though.
  12. Yea, thats what worked for me too. Weird. I've never had this much trouble with it before. I've had these issues with the system but never had to do it so intricitly to fix it. In the end. I did what the above posters said. Usually I uncheck and save all then disable then re-enable. But this time that plus some other measures didn't work. In the end, what I needed to do was under My Checklists, click the delete, then delete all temporary files/browsing history for this website, then re-enable. Which worked. Thank you for the replies and help.
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