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  1. Xbox.com order Notes: The Ace Pilot achievement description is really without any spaces and one secret achievement. Destructive Grace 15G Destroy 1000 destructible projectiles! (Any game mode, any difficulty) Special Mission (Fairy Rescue) 30G Rescue 100 fairies! (Any game mode, any difficulty) Super Bomber 15G Defeat 1000 enemies using bombs! (Any game mode, any difficulty) Contact 30G Destroy 100 Sols! (Any game mode, any difficulty) Indomitable Spirit 15G Take 300 hits from enemy fire! (Any game mode, any difficulty) 10,000,000 Points 10G Get a score of 10,000,000 points or more! (Story mode, any difficulty) 30,000,000 Points 20G Get a score of 30,000,000 points or more! (Story mode, any difficulty) 80,000,000 Points 30 G Get a score of 80,000,000 points or more! (Story mode, any difficulty) Multi Fighter 20G Clear the game using every aircraft! (Story mode, Easy difficulty or higher) Flash Shooter 10G Raise the Flash Shot multiplier to the maximum! (Any game mode, Easy difficulty or higher) Cheer Squad 20G Trigger 30 Cheer events! (Story mode, any difficulty) Intercept 20G Item carrier Destroy 500 planes! (Story mode, Easy and over) Car Maniac 20G Destroy 10 supercars! (Story mode, any difficulty) Janitor 10G Destroy 1000 pieces of debris in Stage 7! (Story mode, Easy difficulty or higher) Max Level 10G Raise your weapon level to lv. 10 at the start of stage 1! (Story mode, Easy difficulty or higher) Medal Collector 20G Collect 1000 medals! (Any game mode, any difficulty) Engage 5G Play Story mode for the first time! Operation 3 Stage 3: Boss Defeated! 20G Defeat Stage 3's boss! (Story mode, Normal difficulty or higher) Veteran 50G Pass through all S Routes! (Story mode, any difficulty) Story Complete 30G See all possible endings (Story mode, any difficulty) Boss Meets Bomb 30G Deal the final blow to a boss using a bomb! (Story mode, Easy difficulty or higher) Operation 2 Stage 2: Boss Defeated! 15G Defeat Stage 2's boss! (Story mode, Normal or higher) Operation 1 Stage 1: Boss Defeated! 10G Defeat Stage 1's boss! (Story mode, Normal or higher) Operation 4 Stage 4: Boss Defeated! 25G Defeat Stage 4's boss! (Story mode, Normal or higher) Operation 5 Stage 5: Boss Defeated! 30G Defeat Stage 5's boss! (Story mode, Normal or higher) Operation 6 Stage 6: Boss Defeated! 35G Defeat Stage 6's boss! (Story mode, Normal or higher) Operation 7 Stage 7: Boss Defeated! 40G Defeat Stage 7's boss! (Story mode, Normal or higher) Operation 8 Stage 8: Boss Defeated! 50G Defeat Stage 8's boss! (Story mode, Normal or higher) Route Maniac 40G Unlock all Story mode routes! (Story mode, any difficulty) Ace Pilot 50G ThroughAllSRoutesAndCompleteGameWithoutUsingAnyContinues (Storymode, EasyDifficultyOrHigher) A Thing of Beauty 35G Complete all stages using the same main weapon! (Story mode, Easy difficulty or higher) Gallery Complete 20G Unlock the entire Gallery! Miklas 40G Rescue all hidden Miklas in a single playthrough! (Story mode, Easy difficulty or higher) A Bright New Hope 30G Clear Stage 1 without taking damage! (Story mode, Very Hard difficulty or higher) Lightning Bomber 50G Defeat Stage 6's boss within 1 minute! (Story mode, normal difficulty or higher) Secret achievement --G This achievement is secret. The more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it!
  2. Thank you! Much appreciated. This method works, but I am still hoping that MS will make it easier in a future update, this is a bit clumsy.
  3. I was overenthusiastic, bought this game right away in the Windows 10 Store. During the heavy download of approx. 27GB an error occurred due to an absence of free space on the SSD (128 GB). Is it possible to install the game on another hard disk and if so, how can that be done? I can free up some space but if it is impossible to change the install directory then I think Windows 10 games are dead on arrival...
  4. Game is just too buggy to enjoy now, haven't tried only yet but I have completed some daily quest but didn't get the coins...
  5. Same problem, I completed the game 100%, when I snap the achievement app it shows 26/26 and 100% but unsnapped, xbox.com and oneguide show only 25 achievements and 97%. Strange! Report it to MS?
  6. Ah well. I'm actually getting used to this. I'm not getting the code due to importing the console because they delayed the launch in my region. Pff... they should give me a reward for that...
  7. Was the status of your mission achievement in Halo 2 'done unlocking' or did the achievement still said 0%. Before you rebeat the missions?
  8. Any news. It has been Done! Unlocking for more than a week. Does someone know a solution?
  9. Any news on the mission based achievement that are still done... unlocking since 11-11?
  10. Well I did unlock all my terminal achievements yesterday. Still Halo 2 Anniversary achievement for completing Outskirts is still done... unlocking. Hate it.
  11. The update did not change anything here. They are still on the locked list @100%. Strange that this also is different per case.
  12. Got two achievements that are still busy with unlocking after 3 days. I'm starting to get worried since MS told me it should happen in 2 days and 2 other achievements did unlock in that timeframe...
  13. Hi again, I'm back with an other problem. Is the Xbox One store acting strange? Am I the only one who most of the time in the last days get the message 'We did not find anything' when looking under new releases?
  14. Doesn't show on the Dutch Xbox.com but I can download it on the Dutch 360 marketplace --> Games on Demand --> Latest releases.
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