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  1. "Playing Add-on content: To play skyrim legendary edition first insert disk 2, once installation is complete, insert disk 1....." From the booklet inside the box. So yeah you can just rent it
  2. I bought 2 copies of it. One for my brother and one for me. It's good fun we played through the first one yesterday split screen (servers shut down). If you have someone to play it with then yeah go for it. If you want to 100% it then don't because they have removed the mask creator making it unobtainable. There's a forum post from 2012 with 10 pages of complaints on ea forums and nothing is being done (they know about it though because an EA guy posted saying they were "looking into it" in 2012) So yeah if you want a cheap fun co-op game to ahead. If you want it to add to completed games then avoid it.
  3. Pre ordered this then traded it in because I got a deal with the retailer that if you trade it back within a certain time you receive almost the full price back. Loved it didn't want to give it back but I thought "Hey I completed it I can always buy it back when its cheap"... Bought the GoD version and it lags down half the run then freezes... EA support told me to delete my save file (wtf?) tried that and still have the same issue. So now I have no save file and no working game
  4. Hello I have 4 controllers and need quite a lot of the achievements. I'm willing to help with what you want but can also just get some of the achievements here and then team up with others later. As I said I have 4 controllers. Gamer tag is LulzYouMad I need the following: Cross mappin' You ate all the chips Candy from a baby Offensive driver Don't touch that! Paper beats rock All alone Anniversary achievements: Top shot Emergency room Stick it to the man Dive bomber License to kill Bounty hunter From hell's heart
  5. Looking to do all the online achievements Hit me up with a message and a request if your up for it
  6. Hey there I'm looking to get the online achievements for the PC version of the game. The official trading thread seems to be 360 users and the forums are linked for both platforms so if anyone else is looking to get them send me a message and a friend request and we can get them EDIT - Wow how did I miss the PC trading thread... I deliberatly looked for it as well. My bad :/
  7. Thought maybe the 8 second air time may work but apparently not as I cant get it to register. Perhaps you must land it? EDIT it did unlock I must have blinked
  8. :L Was about to ask if you had the DLC. Enjoy the challenge of completing it with no fails
  9. I suppose it's good to hear that they are apparently working on a fix. It's only been a couple of years! Hopefully it will be fixed before Halo 4 comes out!
  10. Basically what he said! Here's a link if you still can't find it HERE
  11. How so? Looks like it could be a great game. Signed up to the beta earlier this month hopefully I'm successful!
  12. Looking to get the online ranked achievements. Send me a message on LIVE tag is LulzYouMad Thanks
  13. Looking to get the online achievements on this. Game should arrive in the next few days so send me a message on Live if you're up for it! EDIT Should mention I have PC version. Don't think the forums are separate...
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