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  1. The testers are all of the people who play the game within the first month the game is out. I dont play many games right at release and the few I do are terribly buggy. I glitched through the map twice. Also after I killed that boss in the museum once the cutscene ended I was stuck back in the room where I killed the boss. You are suppose to spawn outside the room after the cutscene. I didnt know this and kept trying to jump around that room to try and get out for 15 minutes before I just restarted and it put me outside the room when I reloaded. Techland I want some money for beta testing your game. lol
  2. I am missing the chest in Cite. It is underneath the church in the sewers and the door says you need two gears to open it. I was wondering if anyone knows what to do here?
  3. Yea the chests only appear if you are within a certain vicinity of them. I am running around as we speak lol edit: just realized that if you have helix points you can use them the buy something to reveal all cockades and chests on the map
  4. Try having your health low as well. That is when I got it to activate. Also I got the health gun one to activate when I picked my partner up and there were three enemies around us who all had about half health. Think this one requires enemies to be around you and low on health as well as your teammate to be low on health.
  5. Yes the weapon challenges are the same as Borderlands 2. I think its called titan industrial place (something like that) with all those bugs and run through the outside area and then inside. Once you are done you can save and quit and continue. I was some short since I dont use the shotgun much so this is what I did.
  6. I also just found another one called Moonsical Kiss i think. It activates when your coop partners health is low and restores it and downs you. Still trying to get this health gun one.
  7. Thanks DJ RJester. The swagman was right where you said. : )
  8. I did all the ones on the list below and even the high five one from his skill tree and I did not get the achievement. I was wondering if there is one missing from the list? http://www.ign.com/wikis/borderlands-the-pre-sequel/Claptrap Also any help with the Guardian Guardian achivement Saved the Guardians from the Scav Poachers. Havent come across this. Figure its maybe a raid boss??
  9. The challenge for Killing a Swagmen. I was wondering if anyone knows where to locate one? btw the name of the challenge is "Gift That Keeps Giving".
  10. I am also wondering this. Can not find any info on it.
  11. I am about to start this game and to save sometime plus it would be nice if saves carry between the devices. So do saves carry between the WP8 and Win8 version of this game?
  12. I just reset my character because I just wanted to finish it off. It is a pain in the ass to get to certain places and knowing what side missions you have to do to get to places. Other then that not too bad. Probably took around 15 hours. Don't ask me what missions you have to do because there a good number to get to places (including a few psycho missions and one to get into that restaurant). Anyways I hope they fix it for everyone that had it bug on them. But I can confirm resetting your character does work and you get the achievement. On another note if you complete all the PP trials and the achievement doesnt unlock then you are missing a blueprint. Some PP trials dont show up until you pick up that blueprint for the trial.
  13. Thats BS that they said they didnt know about the problem. Oh they know. Plenty of people have called and/or emailed them about this. I have done exactly what you did and know a few others that have too. Just typical customer support line of BS.
  14. wow it only took them nearly two months to respond. Here is there response. On 12/24/2013 you posed a question to CAPCOM Customer Support Response : Hello, Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in response. Since this was developed externally, we have very limited support of this title and are unable to help with your inquiry. We are sending customer support claims to the development team at Capcom Vancouver and have alerted them to your inquiry which will be looked at and potentially be addressed in a future update. Capcom Vancouver continues to monitor reported issues and handle as many claims as they can, and we continue to forward claims when we receive to them. We do apologize for any inconvenience.
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