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  1. Im voting 10/10 just for the bird tornado or whatever its called... Sure it's not HARD but it had like a .4% chance of spawning or something stupid.
  2. FYI for anyone starting this journey.... with some light boosting and all DLC, it took me 412 hours to 100% this game. I did almost all of it legit aside from some small really annoying achievements.
  3. Yeah Im more concerned with the achievement for getting kills while targeted and some and Defeating 50 enemies using Dual Proton Torpedoes with the Bomber ship class and Defeating 25 Hero ships with Fighter ships.. I think those are probably the hardest ones in the game. Some of these seem luck based and I can't stand luck based achievements. I hope they do more double/triple xp. I've taken my heavy class from almost nothing to level 66+ this weekend lol. But frustratingly I haven't even hit 25 yet with my main character. Seems they really dragged out the leveling for the main character this time around. I 100%d the last game so I'm going to try and stick to this one. We will see how those 3 I mentioned go. I'd say the last game was MUCH harder to 100% too.
  4. This co op mode is GREAT for the 500 kills with heroes. I wasn't even trying for a lot of kills this match cause I was trying the not a miss achievement and I still ended up with 57 kills. First place on my team had 92.
  5. and if you guys are not aware this weekend is triple xp. I think it ends tonight.
  6. "Not all miss" IS tracking finally in the co op mode. Though its not counting everything. I've done I think 4/5 and Im only at 40%. But thankfully you can do it in this mode. you get LOTS of great opportunities though its still tough to do. EDIT: I now have "not all miss" so I don't need to boost it.
  7. Ah good to know. thank you.
  8. sounds good. I didn't know about the bot co op mode. Whats the restrictions to not being able to boost certain ones with just AI? Edit: Ah I see it's 4 players against co op. I wonder if I can try this stupid vanguard achievement on the AI in this mode...
  9. Im late as well. Im up for boosting but I don't know how many people we need. I've got. a lot done. I don't care to boost level stuff as I'm ok playing the game legit to get them. But any hard stuff Im up for it. Only problem is that I have the WORST schedule for the next 2 weeks. I work 40 hours both week but I am also going out of town both of the next 2 week ends. Usually Im home all weekend. I can make myself available in the mornings during the week from about 9am-1pm EST since I work nights. I would like to boost: The bomber scoped not all miss (mine shows no progress but I should have at least 1) multi-tasking choose your path
  10. I have the 5 wine bottle kills that are needed for the other achievement but for this achievement you only need 1 wine bottle kill and its not unlocking. :/ I've hard booted/reset cache and I have reinstalled my profile on my xbox and nothing. Only thing I have not done that I can think of is get 1 more kill after the profile reset but it takes me an eternity just to get 1 single kill with it... EDIT: Actually its come to my attention that there is a broken wine bottle and its different than the normal wine bottles. :/
  11. Saw it updating on my xbox. A pretty hefty update for such an old game. Was trying to find more info on it but I can't find anything anywhere.
  12. 2 unlocked at game startup but accessorizing is stuck at 100% for me not unlocking.
  13. I cant get this section to work. She just tells me the meeting is is scheduled for some time. Press 'A' to interact with Edna Dialog (Edna) - I know a charity that needs a soup delivery Dialog (Edna) - The Stay Sober Society Dialog (Emmett) - They're sober Dialog (Emmett) - They'll be quiet Dialog (Emmett) - Okay then, forget the whole thing
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