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  1. I have stumbled upon this page from http://vgchartz.com, I believe the most respected gaming statistics website: http://www.vgchartz.com/game/73074/grand-theft-auto-v/ Of course, it might just be a mistake, but perhaps Microsoft decided to pay up a crapillion of dollars to boost X1's sales in 2014. Here's a picture so you don't have to click a link: http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee300/yelch73/35934b97-fcf4-4f2f-a7ba-1ed576258894.jpg
  2. I find this topic to be helpful to me. I am a complete Raid noob, and am reluctant to even go online so I don't embarass myself and make my partner's life miserable. If someone were to make a sort of a guide with best weapons and mods for levels, or link an existing one, I would appreciate it much.
  3. I appologize if this is not the right place to ask, but is anyone else having problems with re.net. Today was my first time to use it, and I can generally log into it, but when I click in the link in the first post, or any other link regarding X360, I fet an error. Tried it on all browsers and even in the phone, result is the same.
  4. The hardest game for me ever to finish must have been Avatar: TLA. I had such a hard time passing even the first level, even on lower difficulties. So I just gave up and never played it again.
  5. I like them hard and long, but I would like the achievements to be easier than Madden 13.
  6. There is, actually, but I hate to be the one pointing it out. Too many grammar policemen around.
  7. Bounties are randomly given out, so it will come up eventually. Don't worry.
  8. Thank you both for trying to help, but you really didn't ) I reralize about auto-save, but in my case I finished the game and won. I made it to the screen tallying my balance, then quit. I realize you get deducted $20,000 for playing, but I have won, so I should have been $80,000 in the plus, not just those 20 in the negative. Anyway, last night, after winning another one, I made it to +$140,000. I then started a new game, played a couple of hands, and quit. Of course, I'm at $120K right now because of starting a new tournament, but I will check to see if when I continue and win I'll make it to $220K. Maybe there's a problem with the game saving right after winning. Unfortunatelly, I don't play very< much, so I'll be able to find out much later today, I'll keep you posted then.
  9. As the title says, I finished a tournament and won. Balance was $80,000. I exited via "Exit game" menu, came back later that day, won my next tournament and now it shows my current balance at $60,000. Does anyone have a similar experience or can give me some advice, I've won 4 tournaments in a row now and I keep going backwards.
  10. If I remember correctly (and I'm sure there are people who are better informed to add the missing parts)... - You can use the transfer cable to transfer all your saves and DLCs onto the new XBox - Then you go to xbox.com and transfer all licenses to your new Xbox This way you keep all you had, and the previous Hard Disk is wiped clean and ready to be used again from zero by your brother.
  11. Well, I voted NO, but not because MS dropped the ball, as poll question asks. I have decided long ago, when all the talks about next-gen have begun, that I will not be getting any new consoles until I am completely done with 360. Seeing that I have a lot of backlogged games, and that there are many more older ones I haven't played yet that i plan to buy on e-bay cheaply. Factor in that the support for new 360 games will not die immediately (I mean, there was a FIFA 11 for PS2, for example), that gives my 360 at least 4-5 years of playing time left. Then, sometime for Xmas 2017, I might think about a new console.
  12. Yes, same process as any other game with that problem.
  13. Just got a mail from Base.com, they say the date has been changed to August 29.
  14. For all win related achievements, it's best to play free tournament and Turbo A. It will just keep replaying the tournament and you'll eventually get Full houses, 4 of a kinds and One of each hand. Statistically, the toughest to get is Straight Flush. Even though the odds are around 1:3500, I had to "play" (read: turbo) over 15,000 hands until the achievement. However, if you only need 2500 Texas heat hands, it is best to turbo B. This will fold you every time, which if you play against humans will not ruin their game and have them be pissed at you, and if you're in an AI-only lobby, it will speed up the game significantly because 8/10 AI fold almost every hand. By turboing B, you can leave the game on for the full 2 hours (4 sessions), as it won't exit you to the main menu (it needs to have A pressed at one point). It will just cycle you into the next round. If you're lucky enough (or have a laggy internet) to be in an AI-only lobby, you can clear about 100 hands in a 2 hour session. Human lobby is much slower, depending on the people playing, and you'll be lucky to get 60 hands in 2 hours. EDIT: Freezing issue can still happen. I've had nights of 8 hours straight turboing without any problems, and some in which I find the game frozen in the morning. Also, it occasionally happens that you get booted from Texas Heat, but it has nothing to do with the turbo, it's their servers that suck.
  15. I live on the fringes of civilization, and these guys will deliver it there, and for free, so I always go with them
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