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  1. Many thanks guys, I stop playing it and thinks about started it again.... because I don´t want to start over at 95%, but if it´s this way, I´m okay with that. No guide mentioned this so I didn´t think about that.
  2. Hi All, I´m playing this lego game now, and I´m in Octane tower and back in brickburg there is supposed red brick for pants in residental area park. I hit the three but no master builder spot, anybody met this problem?? thanks for reply
  3. Guide is finished now If somebody know where the mystic secret 43 is located please PM me, so I will add it. Unfortunately I now only about these 42, which gives me achievement.
  4. I played game 5 times 1st normal didn´t bother about achievements 2nd speed 3rd no ability, no death 4th new profile to look towards secrets 5th final mop up fo NO STONE UNTURNED.... start this play at 90% and finished it ..so I don´t see any reason why it will not work for you My advice: Delete all saves, start new game and go through the secrets one by one, only for case restart console fully from time to time... because you have 88% it will not count anything until you get to MT. Horu, inside there it starts and counts.... after that do the staff to get these areas counted twice... and you will be okay
  5. I understand it and both ways were possible so I rather ask... that´s the pain because tracker don´t tell you everything, I´m really glad I finished it... this was only negative of this game....
  6. floyd from what you wrote it looks like it´s possible to start from 0% on tracker.. how? Lord Montymort: I just goes from beginning from time to time restart console... (because I had 90%) and last 4 secrets I found in mount horu starts calculated (even if I found them earlier) because tracker starts to count from 0%, but you see your max in your case 88%) So only progress and find everything and in the end you can use the trick which somebody wrote before.
  7. Ok just finished it... and finished 1000G for myself...
  8. Hi, anybody know where is supposed secret 43? I just find 42 and unfortunately it looks like same 42 as caster.... Any ideas?
  9. On new gamertag I was able to get this achievement after previous plays on my original GT I have 90%, so I´m running final play and I will let you know, how it goes
  10. In Mt. Horu you can find 5 secrets, at least I know about 5.
  11. not suer if 43 is correct number... because number of secrets is nowhere written... I´m not able to tell whats right, what´s not..(because counter doesn´t work properly) but your list consist of 42 secrets (I only forget to make for 1 underwater) and I did completely the same... if there is secret 43 I´d like to know... you even write, that you don´t get anything near map fragment in mt. horu, but I did... I goes into mt. horu with 88% When I get up I start my last play with original profile and I will go step by step and will see where I get and if these 42 are correct or not. Casterox my opinion for you if you have save before mt. horu go there again and be sure you get your last 3% from the area with map fragment
  12. Just got No Stone Unturned... Yes one in misty woods with Energy cell should count...restart will help you... I didn´t finished my count but looks like I´ve finished with 42 secrets and got achievement...on my separate profile I will do the same for my main one... Imaginaryruins: You are able to get back to early areas..you only need to pick those in Ginso tree, there is no way back first 18 are the one how I directly found them
  13. casterox how many places are in mt. horu? 4-5 don´t know from my last play... If you get in with 83 it means I probably get it.. to be fair... if the one with map fragment doesn´t count you should save there and revisit...it helps me... same happened in misty woods... 2 locations didn´t count after console reset... it counts
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