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  1. Dang, would've loved to get those done too, but unfortunately I'm not home with my Xbox until tomorrow. Will be available for the next couple of weeks, though, if there's at least three people out there who is interested. I desperately need those achievements!
  2. Still need this. Will be available for at least the next two weeks, same gamertag as quoted.
  3. Need "Challenger" and "Motor Mash" achievements. Will be available from tomorrow until at least 1st of January. Message me at gamertag EspnB.
  4. Need all online achievements. Will be available for boosting from tomorrow until at least 1st of January. Message me at gamertag EspnB.
  5. Ok, thank you very much for the answer. I might give this a go.
  6. I consider buying the Angry Birds Trilogy for my Xbox. I have much experience with the game from my iPhone - not that I expect it to be exactly the same on an Xbox, though - but I know how the stuff works and I've been playing A LOT in the past and love the game(s). Anyway, I'm just wondering: 1. Is it almost impossible to get 100% of achievements in this game? 2. Can you play without Kinnect?
  7. I need the online achievements of winning a race on each of the downloadable bonus tracks + winning a online race in general. Message me if interested, gamertag the same as my name here.
  8. I only need the "With Great Honor" achievement (Achieve a 'Cautious' impact rating in Multiplayer races (Pro Tour or Jam Session)) I need minimum one other player to play with online in order to get this one. If anyone can help me, add me: EspnB. Will be home throughout summer vacation except 12-14th July. May not be playing each day, though.
  9. I will try to do this before midnight, and in return, I would love you to buy my vinyl called "Major Clown" - gamertag is same as my nickname here: EspnB. Would be much appreciated Now, off to watch footy! By the way: Could someone please buy a car from me, and is there an easy way to win an auction without anyone else overbidding me? I've been bidding on 30 different cars lately, and never won any of them. Starting to get tired of it...
  10. I need both achievements involving autolog, so please add me. Username the same as my nickname here: EspnB (PS! Will most probably not respond after january 9th, going back to school and lives in a place without internet)
  11. I don't mind that. Easy 195 (or 200) points, at least. And it is a bit challenging when your tires are worn down a bit and you try a sharp turn. Your car will spin very easy then. But yes - quite a silly game when it comes to graphics and such. And I HATE that guy over the radio, explaining stuff or telling you stuff you already knew or that is false. Like "Great pass!" when you're passing a guy who is in the pitlane, or "You're in first place!" like it was a surprise, and you've been in first place for 20+ laps.
  12. Need to do some achievements, especially help with winning a Motor Mash event and Ultimate Comeback Challenge. Will add some of you in this thread, and if you want some help with this too - EspnB is my gamertag.
  13. Same goes for me, that's my last achievement to do now. If someone else wants to tag along for this one - my gamertag is the same as my forum nick.
  14. Yes, I only need those god damn five points to 100% this game! Me and RwHu here just tried to connect and get this very achievement, but no matter who invited who, the response was that the lobby was not found. We have no idea why, but we do hope someone else want to try this so we can either figure out what the problem is or at least unlock the achievement. Come on people, I know there's more of you that want those 5G points!
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