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  1. I haven’t been here in quite sometime. Would love to find some people who enjoy completing stuff! And Coop games obviously!!! Gamertag: Good
  2. Been here forever just looking for some more people to game with I pretty much play everything just shoot me a friend request if you are looking for people to play with also Gamertag: Lobster
  3. I'm looking for other players to play this with if anyone sees this add me also I'm a dad gamer so I only play for like 2 to 3 hours a night just a heads up
  4. If anyone wants to do deal hit me up I need to do this game please
  5. If anyone needs a extra person for flawless raider hmu I'm level 30
  6. I really need help with the kill a titan warlock and hunter achievement please
  7. Same issue me and a buddy quit out of the start of spark mission last night and it said we completed it we just actually restated it on legendary with birthday skull and beat it still got nothing
  8. I need to know which chapter this is on never played the 400 days dlc
  9. I'm looking for a couple but mostly the ender ones add me if you can help thank you
  10. I wanna beat the ender dragon if someone has a world add me
  11. If anyone is on that can power level me that would be amazing add Me if you can gamertag: Lightsaber
  12. If anyone needs someone i need to boost the titan kill achievements like pull etc and just need titan kills in general send me a message Gt:Lightsaber
  13. I will be on tonight around 11pm eastern if anyone needs someone for pull and pull harder and the other one for killing the whole enemy team hmu gamertag: Lightsaber
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