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    360, cars, partys (its a hobby right) and I LOVE STRIP CLUBS TOO!
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    work by day, strip by night

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  1. Ya I was just looking and didn't see it what happened to it

  2. lol club was shut down

  3. Hey man I just got out of jail but I saw you left me a comment saying I should post some of my pipes on the canibs club page how do you do that?

  4. Krazie do you know what happened to the cannabis club? That was the only reason I even came to the site anymore, this site sucks man...

  5. What AOS said.


    Also, just because I'm a moderator doesn't mean it's my job to know what every other moderator does. That's kind of counterproductive. :p

  6. lol ur a mod your in the loop

  7. No clue dude. I'm guessing one of the other Staff closed it considering it is in violation with the new rules.

  8. What the fuck makes you think I would know?

  9. who the fuck closed the cannabis club?

  10. who the fuck closed the cannabis club?

  11. Dont worry Ill be taking my racist comments to youtube, but thats fuckin bullshit
  12. Was watchin gramas boy last night. Fuckin hilarious. Dead cat under the sofa.. Hahahaa

  13. The best one is when they sing Dont stop bleaving But as far as songs "BY FAMILY GUY" A bag of weed is badass lol
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