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  1. what's the secret to performing the combo tricks to unlock the DLC achievements? i only managed to pull off 1 but can't seem to do any others.
  2. can i reach rank 30 without playing online? as i don't plan on getting the online pass.
  3. i bought Dirt 3 when it first came out but later gave my copy away and I just got the digital copy because of the sale. i wish i had know prior that I would have to start all over again even though i still have my previous save. sucks, but at the same time i don't mind much. I'lll play it again.
  4. For me BioShock is the best game i've ever played on the 360. will always love that game. it might even be all time favorite game as well.
  5. good to know i'm not the only one that went through that. one time i did reload checkpoint and it unlocked for me. but there is another way to get to the other area. instead of going that way turn around and go through the door you first enter and you end up seeing around 5 splicers hanging around the bar. i would be a bit more clear but can't really remember the name of the bar. but for sure there is another entrance in case that one glitches on you.
  6. ohh this pack i want! is this free with the season pass? how much would it be without? and as for the pack out today, already have 3 of the batman skins there and for the red son one not too interested in and as for the robin one, couldn't care as i have no intention of playing multiplayer.
  7. I used the guide someone put up in another thread. It has lock pick locations.
  8. On my second playthrough and since I'm just doing remaining achievements decided to go on easy, problem is I can't find lock picks! I'm stuck at 2 trying to get the audio tape from the jewelry store and then I need 3 more for the safe! Where are the lock picks hiding? Edit: found them
  9. backtrack. thats what i did. im not sure there is an exit from up there.
  10. idk why i'm having a hard time in this game with keeping a combo going. its mostly cause of the ninjas and sometimes when i try to do a move on some guy and Batman just goes the opposite direction of the person. i mean, its not hard! its my third Batman game, and the other two i mastered quite well.
  11. what's the easiest spot to do this one? I keep trying and trying and for some reason i can't seem to do it. the ninjas keep messing me up. 15. Complete a fight with a medium or higher threat level without being hit, with a x50 combo and at least 15 variations
  12. for me it freezes mostly when i am free roaming through Gotham, and keep using the grapple gun for speed. and then at times when i use fast travel. its really annoying.
  13. Thanks, ended up getting it by using the gel to knock three thugs down. and it unlocked. and as for the enigma collectible i was missing it was located in Riddler's safehouse.
  14. didn't know that i could see which i'm missing in the Most Wanted Page. will look and see which it is. thanks. EDIT: While i'm here, for the achievement that requiers me to get the 3 trophies on all Training challenges i can't seem to keep down to enemies long enough to do the multi-person takedown move. whats a good trick?
  15. I'm trying to get all the Enigma collectibles. i'm currently at 99% done. i can't seem to find the one i'm missing so that i can go and continue the riddler storyline. the only side mission i haven't completed is the one for catching the 20 inmates that escaped. is that why? am i going to go into an area after i do all that where they have an enigma collectible? all the collectibles out in Gotham i have gotten, and all the ones in the buildings as well. even the one in the church. can some one point me in the right direction, thanks.
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