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  1. Another easy way of doing 'Florida Man' is to stand near a ammo vending machine. Take off your shield if you have one and while next to the machine, just throw your grenades/shoot rockets at your feet. When you run out, look at the vending machine, press and auto refill your stock and repeat until you die. 'Getting A Little On The Side' can be a little mis-leading. Make sure you look out for the "Fire In The Sky" which is given to you by Sparrow on Nekrotafeo after completing the game. Also, "Dynasty Dash: Floodmoor Basin" wasn't showing up on my completed list like the other 2, but the achievement still unlocked after completing all others. Agree. I thought I'd got all of them and then I didn't realise which I did and didn't have and had to repeat all again to make sure.
  2. - Campaign doesn't save my collectables. - Versus takes ages to load and then randomly kicks you out. - Custom Escape maps page doesn't load anything. - My chosen Horde character changes last moment because someone else picks it. - Game glitched out my RT/LT buttons on Horde, so I couldn't attack/heal as Jack. - Load times a stupidly long and I'm playing on Xbox X.
  3. Forum Name: Nozza XBA Tenure Length: 10 years XBA Tenure Club: Tier 2
  4. GT: https://account.xbox.com/en-GB/Profile?gamertag=AqueousTx Forum Name: Nozza XBL Tenure Length: 13 years XBL Tenure Club: Tier 2
  5. I played the whole game on Beginner and had no issues and have 100% completion. Do the characters you've mentioned have any missions/tasks left on their list? Certain side missions for characters do not show up until you've either completed a Karma based one or a specific side mission. Others, like 'Blood Brothers' (I believe that's it's name) doesn't show for Sabo until you've reached a certain Karma % with him. There's loads of factors but the only one you really need to look out for is "The Navy Fleet". This can only be obtained from two NPCs in Sapphire Town during Chapter 15/16. It will not show up on your missions page otherwise.
  6. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168320-lo.jpg Find Chopper! 15:1gs: Complete Main Mission "Find Chopper!" This is story related and cannot be missed. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168321-lo.jpg Suspicious Woman 15:1gs: Complete Main Mission "Suspicious Woman" This is story related and cannot be missed. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168322-lo.jpg Straw Hats United 15:1gs: Complete Main Mission "Straw Hats United" This is story related and cannot be missed. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168323-lo.jpg The Old Island 15:1gs: Complete Main Mission "The Old Island" This is story related and cannot be missed. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168324-lo.jpg To You 15:1gs: Complete Main Mission "To You" This is story related and cannot be missed. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168325-lo.jpg Radio Hijack 15:1gs: Complete Main Mission "Radio Hijack" This is story related and cannot be missed. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168326-lo.jpg Protect All 15:1gs: Complete Main Mission "Protect All" This is story related and cannot be missed. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168327-lo.jpg Sky Prison, Ho! 15:1gs: Complete Main Mission "Sky Prison, Ho!" This is story related and cannot be missed. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168362-lo.jpg I Wanna Go to the Sky Islands 30:1gs: Reach a Sky Island for the first time After you’ve completed the “Chapter 17: True Strength”, head back into the game and go to talk to Law over at the Thousand Sunny for the “Mystery of the Sky Islands” Side Mission. Once you’ve completed the requested tasks, you’ll eventually be taken to the Sky Island.
  7. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168354-lo.jpg Quartermaster 15:1gs: Create 20 equipment items & outfits You’ll first need to add Usopp or Franky to your crew by completing the Side Missions “Jewel Mine” or “Sea Prison” before you can create equipment items & outfits. Once one of them are back on the Thousand Sunny, head over and talk to them. As long as you have the required equipment plan or outfit pattern and the materials to create it, you’ll be able to get Usopp or Franky to make it for you. You do not need to create 20 unique equipment items or outfits for this to unlock. To check on your progress go to > Database > Items > Equipment & Outfits Made. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168355-lo.jpg This Could Be Fun 30:1gs: Acquire 25 equipment & outfit plans Equipment & outfit plans will be handed out to you as an award for completing Main/Side Missions or from Treasure Chests. Look out for the ! icons and accept the Side Mission from the NPC and also the Yellow (Rare) treasure chest icons. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168356-lo.jpg Something Smells Good! 30:1gs: Acquire 20 pirate box lunch recipes These Recipes will be handed out to you for completing specific Main/Side Missions. This should naturally unlock as you progress through the game and complete them. To see your current total go to > Materials > Pirate Lunch Box Recipes. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168357-lo.jpg Exploration Hobbyist 15:1gs: Ask Straw Hat Pirates to go exploring 3 times Please refer to “Exploration Strategist” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168358-lo.jpg Exploration Strategist 30:1gs: Ask Straw Hat Pirates to go exploring 12 times You’ll first need to find and unlock Sanji by completing the Side Mission “Navy Directives”. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll be told that “Explore Requests” can be handed out to your crew through Sanji at the Thousand Sunny. To request a specific crew member to explore, you’ll need Pirate Box Lunches, so please refer to “Something Smells Good!” for more information. Each Pirate Box Lunch determines the length of time the crew member will be gone and also the rarity of the materials they’ll bring back. You can only send one crew member out at a time, so choose the lowest explore time which is 1 hour and wait for them to return to then send another crew member back out. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168359-lo.jpg Treasure! 15:1gs: Open 15 treasure chests Please refer to “Treasure Hunter” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168360-lo.jpg Treasure Hunter 30:1gs: Open 200 treasure chests Before you can gather all 200 Treasure Chests, you’’l need the following; Skills Gum Gum Rocket Gum Gum Rocket Flight Increase Gum Gum UFO A short while into the game, you’ll be introduced to the White (Normal) and Yellow (Rare) Treasure Chest icons which will show up on your mini-map. As you visit and unlock new areas the total Treasure Chests for that location will show via the main island map (). Later on in the game, you’ll be introduced to Treasure Maps. These can be obtained via Yellow (Rare) Materials in specific locations around the island. Each Treasure Map will show a small image of a particular location on the island and it’ll be down to you to find and search that highlighted area. Then finally, as you progress through the game, more Treasure Chests will spawn across the island and its locations. To check on your progress go to > Database > Items > Chests Open but there is exactly 200 in the game. Below is a list of the current Treasure Chest total for each location as well as the Treasure Map and Chest locations; Treasure Chests Sapphire Town - 14 Amber Harbor - 5 Thousand Sunny - 4 Topaz Mine Town - 3 Topaz Mine - 19 Graveyard - 4 Jade Bridge - 4 Ruby Village - 7 Prison Tower: Tourmaline - 5 Emerald Town - 24 Emery Plaza - 5 Steel City - 26 Radio Tower - 5 Halcum Port - 5 Cannon Island - 7 Naval Base - 11 Crystal Canyon - 31 Sea Prison: Aquamarine - 10 Luffy’s Sky Island - 5 Law’s Sky Island - 6 Treasure Maps and Chests Stepping Stones Map [Ruby Village]: Complete the "Ghost in the Barrel" Side Mission Location [sea Prison - Aquamarine]: At the end of the bridge connecting to the Sea Prison, it'll be on the south lot of rocks Pond Map [Ruby Village]: Onboard the Pirate ship Location [sapphire Town / Graveyard]: There's a small pond just next to the beach where you start the game and south of the Graveyard. It's on the lone rock within that Boulder Map [Law's Sky Island]: North of the island Location [Thousand Sunny]: On the protruding rock on high ground just north of the ship Waterfall Map [Luffy's Sky Island]: North-east, next to a Treasure Chest Location [Crystal Canyon]: Behind the main waterfall Ruins Map [Ruby Village]: Complete the "Where's Buggy?" Side Mission Location [Emerald Town]: In between the 2nd/3rd town sections on the high ground Cloud Map [sapphire Town]: Onboard the ship wrecked Pirate ship on the beach Location [Law's Sky Island]: At the highest point of this island Dragon Map [Cannon Island]: North most part of the map within the small Pirate camp Location [Emerald Town]: In between the 2nd/3rd town sections on the high ground Turtle Map [Crystal Canyon]: At the end of the main dirt path that heads east Location [sapphire Town]: North end of the beach, under the turtles mouth and on the north ending section http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168361-lo.jpg I Love Adventure! 70:1gs: Explore the entire island The entire island consists of 18 locations which you’ll visit naturally as your progress through the game. Below is a list of all of them; Sapphire Town Amber Harbor Thousand Sunny Topaz Mine Town Topaz Mine Graveyard Jade Bridge Ruby Village Prison Tower: Tourmaline Emerald Town Emery Plaza Steel City Halcum Port Cannon Island Radio Tower Naval Base Crystal Canyon Sea Prison: Aquamarine
  8. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168346-lo.jpg Fly Away 30:1gs: Fly with Gum Gum Rocket for 30 minutes in total You’ll first need to unlock the below Skill; Explore: Gum Gum Rocket Once you’ve unlocked the above, use this Skill whenever you can. It's also recommended that you get the Flight Duration Skill as it'll mean you're in the air that little bit longer. To check on your progress go to > Database > Gameplay > Total Gum Gum Rocket Air Time. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168347-lo.jpg Woohoo! 15:1gs: Fly for 5 seconds during a single Gum Gum Rocket flight without landing You’ll first need to unlock one or both of the below Skills; Explore: Gum Gum Rocket You do not need the Flight Increase part of the Skill for this to work. The best place to attempt this early on is, south of Emerald Town as you work your way east towards Steel City. From just past the Barrel tavern on the west side of the island all the way to the east side of the lower half, you can Gum Gum Rocket from tree to tree. Aim up and hold to launch yourself up and into the air, while pushing . While in the air, aim and lock-on to another tree and preform a second Gum Gum Rocket launch. Repeat this all the way from one side to the other and you’ll easily get 5 seconds. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168348-lo.jpg I'll Destroy It! 15:1gs: Break 100 objects Objects like wooden boxes and barrels can be broken by using any attack on them. You’ll find them all over the map, but mainly in the towns. Use your Observation Haki: Perception move to find them. To check on your progress go to > Database > Gameplay > Objects Broken. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168349-lo.jpg Big Rookie 15:1gs: Defeat 100 Pirates Please refer to “I’ll Take You All On!” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168350-lo.jpg Wanted 15:1gs: Defeat 200 Sailors Please refer to “I’ll Take You All On!” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168351-lo.jpg I'll Take You All On! 30:1gs: Defeat 1,000 Enemies This achievement, as well as “Big Rookie” and “Wanted” should come naturally as you progress through the game. Any time you come across a bunch of enemies, fight them. To check on your progress go to > Database > Enemies > Pirates/Sailers Defeated. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168352-lo.jpg I'll Send You All Flying! 15:1gs: Defeat 6 enemies simultaneously Before you can attempt this, you’ll need the following Skills; Parameters Tension Gauge Boost 2 Tension Loss Reduction 2 Conqueror’s Haki Conqueror’s Haki: Range Boost 2 There are other Skills which can kill more than 6 enemies within a single use, the issue is they require all of them to be bunched up, whereas Conqueror’s Haki has an area of effect to it. The next problem is that not many area have enough enemies for you to build your Tension up and then still have 6+ enemies around you to attempt this. There’s only a couple of places I could find to attempt this and both are post game. 1: The first being on “Law’s Sky Island”. To reach this you must first complete his “Mystery of the Sky Islands” Side Mission. Once you’ve done that, head to his island and to the east, there is a small Pirates camp. There should be enough enemies here to attempt this. There is also an explosive barrel near by, so bunch as many Pirates up as possible and hit the barrel if you want to try that method. 2: The second is from Sabo and his Side Mission “Prison Tower Smuggling”. Here you’ll have a long enough time limit to attempt this a few times. At some points during this fight, you’ll have a maximum of 6 enemies within range. Make sure you’ve built up your Tension to level 3 beforehand, try and get them to bunch and again use Conqueror’s Haki. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168353-lo.jpg Material Collector 15:1gs: Acquire 100 materials in total You’ll be introduced to materials early on in the game and they can either be found by defeating enemies, breaking objects or finding and interacting with them through the world. While travelling around, look at your mini-map and look out for either the White (Normal) or Yellow (Rare) shape icons which will show you the locations of a material. You do not need 100 unique materials, you can have 100 all of the same. To see your current total go to > Database > Items > Materials Acquired.
  9. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168338-lo.jpg I Won't Lose to Anyone! 30:1gs: Learn all Skills As you play through the game and complete Main/Side Missions as well as defeating enemies, Luffy will gain Skill Points (SP) towards new levels which can be found and unlock via the Skills menu. There’s a total of 57 base Skills, where 29 of those between them have 23 tiers 1-4 which also count as a new Skill purchases which brings the total to 80 Skills. Below is a list of all the Skills; Explore Item Drop Rate Boost 1-2 Chest Open Time Reduction 1-2 Gum Gum UFO Gum Gum UFO Duration Island Knowledge 1-2 Equipment Slot Gain 1-2 Gather Efficiency Boost 1-2 Gum Gum Rocket Gum Gum Rocket Flight Increase High Takedown Low Takedown Prolonged Barrel Duration 1-3 Lunge Lunge + Body Bash Observation Haki Observation Haki: Focus Sorun: Distance Boost Critical Performance Boost 1-2 Perfect Dodge Perfect Shot Long Shot Consecutive Takedown Available 1-3 Observation & Attack Boost Incoming Ranged Attack Damage Down 1-3 Gum Gum Gatling Gum Gum Gatling Hit Boost 1-2 Battle Gum Gum Eagle Storm Gum Gum Eagle Storm: Damage Boost 1-2 Gum Gum Red Hawk: Damage Boost 1-2 Gum Gum Elephant Gatling Gum Gum Elephant Gatling: Damage Boost 1-2 Armament Haki Armament Takedown Armament Takedown Effect Perfect Guard Armament ATK Boost 1-2 Armament Hardening Boost 1-2 Multi Shot Buster Shot Gum Gum Bazooka Gum Gum Bazooka Charge Time Reduction Incoming Melee Attack Damage Down 1-3 Parameters Max HP Boost 1-4 HP Recovery Boost 1-3 Stun Amount Boost 1-2 Max Observation Haki Gauge Boost 1-2 Movement Speed Charge Shot Charge Shot Time Reduction Range Attack Gauge Boost 1-2 Range Attack Recovery Speed Boost 1-2 Tension Gain Boost 1-2 Tension Lose Reduction 1-2 Aura Cloak 1-2 Conqueror’s Haki Conqueror’s Haki Range Boost 1-2 Gear Fourth Prolonged Gear Fourth Effect 1-2 Gear Fourth ATK Boost Reduced Gear Fourth Fatigue 1-2 http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168339-lo.jpg Takedown Hobbyist 15:1gs: Defeat 10 enemies with a Takedown Please refer to “Takedown Legend” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168340-lo.jpg Takedown Legend 30:1gs: Defeat 100 enemies with a Takedown A Takedown can only be performed when an enemy hasn’t spotted you - so nothing appearing above their head or alerted to you. To preform one; Sneak up to the enemy from behind, making sure you’re not running. When you’re close, press when the prompt shows up on screen. It’s worth noting that you’ll only be able to preform a Takedown in the Observation Haki mode, until you buy the Armament Takedown Skill later on in the game. To check on your progress go to > Database > Gameplay > Enemies Defeated with Takedowns. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168341-lo.jpg Marksman 15:1gs: Perform 10 critical shots Please refer to “Sharpshooter” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168342-lo.jpg Sharpshooter 30:1gs: Perform 100 critical shots Critical shots can only be performed by using your ranged attack. When you’re within range, hold down and move your reticle and aim for the enemies head. Once you’re locked-on, press to launch a range attack. If your aim was good and a critical, the enemy should lose the majority of their health and become stunned for a second but the sound of the critical will also be different from a normal hit. You do not have to attempt this on multiple enemies, it can easily be boosted on one lone attacking enemy until you kill them. To check on your progress go to > Database > Gameplay > Critical Shots. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168343-lo.jpg Evasion Expert 15:1gs: Perform 30 Perfect Dodges You’ll first need to unlock the below Skill; Observation Haki: Perfect Dodge Once you’ve gathered enough SP and unlocked this, you can then go for this achievement. While in a fight, keep an eye on the enemies both far and near. Once one is about to launch their attack and hit you, press to preform your Perfect Dodge. If done correctly, the screen will go blue and everything will slowdown around you for a second. You do not have to attempt this on multiple enemies, it can easily be boosted on one lone attacking enemy until it unlocks. To check on your progress go to > Database > Gameplay > Perfect Dodges. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168344-lo.jpg Guard Master 15:1gs: Perform 30 Perfect Guards You’ll first need to unlock the below Skill; Armament Haki: Perfect Guard Once you’ve gathered enough SP and unlocked this, you can then go for this achievement. While in a fight, keep an eye on the enemies both far and near. Once one is about to launch their attack and hit you, press to preform your Perfect Guard. If done correctly, the screen will go blue and everything will slowdown around you for a second. To check on your progress go to > Database > Gameplay > Perfect Guards. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168345-lo.jpg Long Journey 30:1gs: Travel a total distance of 50,000 across the island This should come naturally as you play through through the game. To check on your progress go to > Database > Gameplay > Distance Travelled.
  10. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168328-lo.jpg We won! 80:1gs: Complete All Main Missions This is story related and cannot be missed. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168329-lo.jpg First Step 15:1gs: Complete first Side Mission Please refer to “Island Hero” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168330-lo.jpg Island Friend 15:1gs: Complete 20 Side Missions Please refer to “Island Hero” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168331-lo.jpg Island Hero 70:1gs: Complete 100 Side Missions Side Missions will eventually show up on your map as ! icons. For the Side Missions, you’ll want to accepted and complete 100 of these. Most will consist of you gathering materials, so you should be able to complete them right away if you’re gathering them as you go. Later in the game they’ll become more mission based and require certain tasks to be completed. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168332-lo.jpg See You on the High Seas 15:1gs: Reach Pirate Rank 10 Please refer to “Go All The Way to the Top!” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168333-lo.jpg You've Gotten a Lot Stronger 15:1gs: Reach Pirate Rank 50 Please refer to “Go All The Way to the Top!” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168334-lo.jpg Go All The Way to the Top! 30:1gs: Reach Pirate Rank 100 To unlock your Pirate Rank, you’ll first need to complete “Chapter 5: Suspicious Women”, which in turn will unlock the Karma feature of the game. Once you’ve unlocked this, you’ll now need to complete all 16 Karma characters and their specific Main/Side Missions and/or tasks. Each time you complete something which adds a percentage to their bar, you’ll gain XP towards your Pirate Rank. Below is a list of all the Karma characters you must find and complete to 100%; Straw Hat Pirates Jeanne Isaac Pro-Navy Anti-Navy Sabo Law Sakazuki Kizaru Kuzan Fujitora Smoker & Tashigi Crocodile Buggy Lucci Germa 66 As mentioned in the Roadmap, you'll need the below Skills to complete many of the Karma tasks from multiple characters; Battle Gum Gum Eagle Storm / Elephant Gatling Gun Parameters Conqueror’s Haki Once you have these the rest are based around Main/Side Missions and killing X type of enemies. If you haven't completed the specific boss battle move tasks, don't worry. Not only will you face them multiple times as you go for the "Island Hero" achievement, they'll also have certain spawn points throughout the island for you to battle them again multiple times. If they do not spawn, just fast travel away and back in until they do. Below are their locations; Kizaru [Prison Tower - Tourmaline] Top of the slope ahead of you from the spawn Kuzan [Graveyard] Just to the south in the small open area near a Treasure Chest Fujitora [sapphire Town] From the beach, follow the main path north/north-east until you reach the end where he'll be near the wooden cabin Crocodile [Amber Harbor] South of the Harbor in the open area where most of the Pirates spawn Smoker [Jade Bridge] West side of the main fort Sakazuki [Topaz Mine] You can only fight him once during "Chapter 16: Sky Prison, Ho" or the side mission "The Navy Fleet". If you don't do it all first time around; Either make a manual save before the fight and try again or complete the game, continue and repeat "Chapter 16: Sky Prison, Ho" http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168335-lo.jpg Join My Crew! 15:1gs: Attain 100% Karma for one faction Once you’ve completed “Chapter 5: Suspicious Women”, the Karma feature will become available. By progressing through the game you’ll unlock new characters and completing specific Main/Side Missions and/or task linked to that character, you’ll increase their Karma bar. To check on your progress go to > Karma > Select Character. Here you can see the list of things you’ll need to obtain 100%. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168336-lo.jpg I Want To Get Stronger! 15:1gs: Learn 10 Skills Please refer to “I Won’t Lose to Anyone!” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/4917/168337-lo.jpg This is What I've Been Training For! 15:1gs: Learn 40 Skills Please refer to “I Won’t Lose to Anyone!” for more information.
  11. Rights of use: The guide is for the use of xboxachievements.com only and may not be used without permission of the author and website admin. Info: Please be aware that there may/will be spoilers Constructive criticism is always welcome Please keep your posts clean Any help is greatly appreciated Post your thoughts on where you'd like to see more information Overview: Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 | [Achievement Difficulty Rating] Offline: 43/43 - 1000:1gs: Online: 0/43 - 0:1gs: Approximate amount of time to 1000:1gs: 30-40 Hours | [Estimated Time to 100%] Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Missable achievements: 0 Does difficulty affect achievements?: No Unobtainable/glitched achievements: 0 Do cheats affect achievements?: No Cheats Introduction: Set sail on an all-new adventure in ONE PIECE World Seeker! Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates are back in a new story that puts players’ into Luffy’s point of view, as he battles and explores an expansive and seamless world. Open landscapes provide many paths for players to experience Luffy’s gum-gum abilities and swing into action. Playthrough: Welcome to One Piece: World Seeker, an open world adventure game with some RPG elements mixed in. The game is fairly basic and pretty open from the start, but many features do not open up to you until you’re a little deeper into the game and it’s missions. The starting difficulty does not matter, so feel free to play on the easiest or hardest. Take note that the "Estimated Time to 100%" is based off the Beginner setting. The games cut-off point where you’ll have to continue with Main Missions only is “Chapter 14: Assembly”. From there you can either decide do all the extra tasks and Side Missions or continue on and complete the game. If you decide to beat the game, do not worry as when the main menu loads back up, hit “Continue” and you’ll restart back at “Chapter 14: Assembly” but everything you’ve not completed will still be available. Once you’ve unlocked the ability to gain Skill Points (SP) and purchase specific Skills, I’ll advise that you get the below first; Explore Gum Gum Rocket & Flight Increase Gum Gum UFO & Duration Boost 1 Not only will you want to use the Gum Gum Rocket as mush as possible for the “Fly Away” achievement but it’ll also help reach certain Treasure Chests early for the “Treasure! / Treasure Hunter” achievements. There are other Skills you’ll need to obtain later on for more specific achievements but they can be unlocked at any point. Below is the list of them though just in case you want to get them early; Observation Haki Perfect Dodge - “Evasion Expert” achievement Battle Gum Gum Eagle Storm / Elephant Gatling Gun - “Go All The Way to the Top!” achievement Armament Haki Perfect Block - “Guard Master” achievement Parameters Conqueror’s Haki & Conqueror’s Haki: Range Boost 2 - “Go All The Way to the Top! & I’ll Send You All Flying” achievements Collectables: The only type of collectables in this game are the 200 Treasure Chests you’ll need to find for the “Treasure! / Treasure Hunter” achievements. Finding them is pretty straightforward, but it will require you to do a little bit of running around and searching of each area. Some Treasure Chests though will be out of your reach and because of this you’ll need to the below Skills which I advise you unlock as early as possible as Gum Gum Rocket also goes towards other achievements; Explore Gum Gum Rocket & Flight Increase Gum Gum UFO & Duration Boost 1 Karma: The majority of your time will be spent completing all 16 Karma requests for the “Go All The Way to the Top!” achievement. Before the Karma feature is even introduced to you, everything you do beforehand will still count towards the various requests each character asks of you. As mentioned in the “Playthrough” section, you will need specific special moves during certain boss battles. You will face off against most characters multiply times while doing the side quests, but don’t worry if you don’t get them the first time. Each boss does have a spawn point, so you can go back and battle them as many times as you like. Conclusion: Overall, you’re not looking at a hard completion at all. The game is very linear and there is nothing challenging about it or the achievements. It can be a little time consuming and tedious, but if you start certain achievements as early as possible, it’ll help cut the playtime down.[/img][/center]
  12. Haha no worries.

  13. Can you create a One Piece: World Seeker forum please mate. Can't seem to find one for the game.

  14. I'm thinking about it. I've done the previous games, so just give me some time.
  15. I've updated the roadmap with a set in stone completion time as a few Orb guides are now being released. With that, I've linked a playlist from a channel that is going through and showing you all orb locations. The guides aren't complete yet, but they're working overtime to upload them all. So using them, a more precise completion can now be put in. If you don't use the video guides, then your completion can be doubled for all I know.
  16. The bullet-point was in the edit, I just hadn't added the gun. It's hard to keep track of edits with 70 achievements lol As per my quote from an post above; I'm going to change it later, don't worry. I'm actually going to do 1.5 playthroughs even though it isn't half a playthrough on the 2nd world. Play on easy/medium and get to level 5/max. Make your new legendary world with that agent and go straight to Liz's base. Climb your way up and literally dodge everything, which is possible as I did it by going around the building, dashing and rolling dodges, then kill her by hiding within one of the corner pillars.
  17. Oh yeah, literally forgot about coop... Might edit that in. Oh really. I can't test this now but if others have confirmed it then I guess it's not.
  18. It's cool. I literally got the achievement last night and with a level 5 character, I went straight to Liz with a 75% chance of survival. I went to her tower, dodged through everyone (died a few times) and beat her with about 5mins once I found a hiding spot. The annoying thing I've got atm is glitched achievements stuck at 93%. Got all agents but no achievement and have all races on gold but no silver achievement...
  19. I'm not saying its not doable. I started a whole new agent/world on legendary and the first lot of missions up to Bergs death took me 15-20 odd mins. I then replayed all of this but with my level 5 skilled agent and literally done it in just over 5mins. Taking that into account; I think I can get through an easy worlds story and level my agent up enough, lets say certain skills like agility/firearms/strength to level 3-4, and then onto a quick legendary story playthrough to the specific achievement. Faster than starting on legendary with a new agent right at the start. I feel the time it'll take you to complete certain areas and objectives, getting specific guns, levelling up specific skills to survive, loading from dying etc is why it'll take longer. I'm giving you options depending on how easy you want to complete it as they game works where you can transfer your agent. If this option wasn't available, then I'd say go straight onto legendary. I will though look into the difficulty rating for it. It's worth noting though that it's really hard to put a difficulty rating to this game atm as there is no orb guide. Without this, someone may find all 1,000 with no issues, while other may never. So this is why I can't put down a solid score out of 10 or completion hours.
  20. Anyone else finding "Secondhand Shrapnel" to be either extremely hard to get or glitchy? I know how it works, I've attempted it 100's of time and seen it work as the description implies, but it won't unlock. Last edit I did last night. If you ever want to double check, just look at each target and all information is there. Add and credit given. I got 2 more last night and I kind of knew what the others were but I didn't want to add them until I actually found/unlocked them in the game.
  21. It has been unlocked by people and I'm close so I'll double check. You sure you've cleared everything as I don't think it's just for the main objectives. Thanks for the heads up.
  22. Reserved 8. Feel free to post. Guide will be cleaned up and finished within a few days but bulk information is done. Feel free to help and add content.
  23. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3078/165838-lo.jpg Road Rockstar 25:1gs: Complete all Road Races at Gold Level with a single Agent. There’s a total of 15 Road Races you must find and complete within New Province. The microphone icon will naturally show up on the map as you travel around it. As you progress through the game and further into the island, the Road Races will become harder and require a higher Driving Level. Head over to the map and hover over the icon to see the recommended Driving Level. Below is a list of all the Road Races you must achieve Gold in; Westport Around The Block Grant Tour Founder's Footsteps Scenic Detour Quarry Maze Dumping Grounds The Road Less Taken Playground Adventure Picker's Pen Tunnel Vision The Refinery Tanks For The Memory Oasis Precinct Drifting Away Ashwood Marina At The Races Living In Luxury The Vision Going To The Mall Southern Heights Traffic Violation Central Shade Driven By Science New Pantheon The Commute http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3078/165839-lo.jpg Road Racer 5:1gs: Complete your first Road Race at Bronze or higher. Please refer to “Road Rockstar” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3078/165840-lo.jpg Rooftop Rockstar 25:1gs: Complete all Rooftop Races at Gold Level with a single Agent. There’s a total of 17 Rooftop Races you must find and complete within New Province. The Steering Wheel and Checkered Flag icon will naturally show up on the map as you travel around it. As you progress through the game and further into the island, the Rooftop Races will become harder and require a higher Agility Level. Head over to the map and hover over the icon to see the recommended Agility Level. Below is a list of all the Rooftop Races you must achieve Gold in; The Outlands Wake Up Call Border Wall Westport Chimney Cleaning Door-To-Door Delivery The Exchange I Know A Shortcut Khan's Scar Living On The Edge Hard Labor Tightrope Running Zagado's Breath Strolling Through Shanty Town Oasis Precinct How To Beat Traffic Ashwood Marina Top Of The Arch Seeing Neon The Vision Urban Free Solo Fastest Way Down Central Shade Vertigo New Pantheon No Ticket Pipe Dream http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3078/165841-lo.jpg Rooftop Racer 5:1gs: Complete your first Rooftop Race at Bronze or higher. Please refer to “Rooftop Rockstar” or for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3078/165842-lo.jpg Secret Agent 5:1gs: Hack a Surveillance Cache. Please refer to “Super Sleuth” for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3078/165843-lo.jpg Silver Medalist 10:1gs: Earn your first Silver Road or Rooftop Race medal. Please refer to “Road Rockstar” or “Rooftop Rockstar” or for more information. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3078/165844-lo.jpg Super Sleuth 20:1gs: Hack all Surveillance Caches in a single world. There’s a total of 20 Surveillance Caches you must find and hack within New Province. The Microphone icon will naturally show up on the map as you travel around it. Simple find your way to it and hold to interact. [ame] [/ame] http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3078/165845-lo.jpg Wheelman 20:1gs: Complete all Road Races at Silver Level or higher with a single Agent. *Please see Roadmap as this achievement is glitchy* Please refer to “Road Rockstar” for more information.
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