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  1. Its the same for me I have looked on the xbox and xbox.com but cant find anything
  2. For some reason the first glyph wont open for me to solve the puzzle. When i enter it stays on the screen before the puzzle appears and wont go any further . Does anyone no how to fix it ? Thanks
  3. Donya fortress is the best imo
  4. Best to play during the day because it can be hard to get a full lobby at night time
  5. Thanks for this,I'll be getting Nightmare in Nortpoint
  6. CFC07


    It should be on xbox in the next 30 mins
  7. CFC07

    Good "CM"

    Nasri, Yaya Toure, IF Carrick, Essien
  8. The same thing has been happening me since the update. I deleted some saved files and it was ok but my VP got deleted some how. Now i have to disconnect myself from xbl until i get to the arena and then reconnect
  9. Messi and Pique have no chemistry get Luiz or IF Johnson and 88 aguero also get one or two more defensive center mid Edit: pique has a High attacking workrate so he will push up in attack alot which could be why your conceding goals alot
  10. custom formation 5-0-5
  11. CFC07

    50 hrs

    I hope so or ill never get it
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