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  1. Certainly up for this, I will have the game tomorrow! iPinkMorph
  2. I have just gotten this game from LoveFilm but don't want to play it if no one else does.
  3. How come every time I play a match and check my subs I have 3 CB's and 2 GK's? I choose other people every time but its always the same.
  4. I dont think it will reach 50k. Need another 30k this week!
  5. It's not in either of them for me.
  6. I done the first one but my badge never saved which I was annoyed about!
  7. I have been playing it over and over again. Not sure if its only counts for 1 or what though. Its certainly doable since its the weekend!
  8. I got it but the badge isnt there anymore. Thats f***ed up!
  9. It should be Judo instead on Jui-Jitsu. Also, the game is glitched so bad. I do everything right for the 50k challenges yet cant get some! I need the Karate, Kickboxing and MMA ones. iBlckMorph can get them first time. I have tried to do new saves but nothing works, this game is fun but terribly glitchy!
  10. Im now on season 2 after going up in my first season. Why has the achievement not popped?
  11. You must press RB while in the garage to speed up time to end the session. You cant skip it.
  12. You mean the racing line? It pops out of the road then flatens out as you approach it. Good when your going uphill towards a bend.
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