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  1. I'm looking for someone to boost the rogue kills with. I'm on most nights in Aus time.
  2. I've only played a handful of online fights so far but I haven't noticed any lag yet which is better than expected for any fighting game in my experience. Having said that though I did receive a snarky msg about lag after fighting one person but I take that with a football-sized pinch of salt
  3. Seems like a pretty dull and uninspired list to me. I'm still looking forward to this because I haven't bought a Madden game for a few years but I was really hoping for a better cheevo list.
  4. So I finally got a chance to play again and it was pretty easy in the end, don't know why I was having trouble with it. Dropped the thunder hammer straight after though, shame that fight soured me on it cause it was so much fun for the squads of ork boyz.
  5. So I'm having a little trouble as I'm currently equipped with a thunder hammer so only plasma pistol and kraken bolter for ranged, just wondering if I've completely screwed myself over or if theres something I'm supposed to do that I'm too stupid to realise atm.
  6. Well I haven't played online yet so can't comment on that but so far my only real dislike is the executing to regain health mechanic. I get the idea of not wanting space marines diving into cover but if I want to play a more ranged combat style character it doesn't make sense to me that I have to go into melee to heal.
  7. I'm finding myself going insane trying to get spread the ball, tried playing all stars vs crusaders/hull kr and I'm playing on easy but i can't for the life of me reach 10, highest i get is around 7 before i get caught and can't offload. Is there any other tip someone can mention other than wearing a wrist strap to stop me throwing the controller through the tv lol? ok nvm...stopped trying for it and got it immediately /sigh
  8. What exactly makes a bump a 'heavy' bump? Is it just one that dispossesses the opposition player or something else?
  9. Looking for someone playing "aussie hours" to help me unlock the warlord cheevo
  10. For "The Big One" achievement i believe it functions exactly the same as "Attracting Attention" with the difference being that a team leading the constructors championship must be offering a contract. I received the cheevos at the exactly the same time in my first season when lotus offered to resign me while I was on top of both drivers and constructors championships and the cheevo popped without me even accepting the contract.
  11. Actually you can accept the contract from the championship leading team if you're driving for them and get the achievement, I did it in my first season by resigning with lotus whilst leading the championship. It just seems that the achievements in this game pop whenever they damn well feel like it, for example i've won quite a few races now with no driver aids and still no true racer pop.
  12. Personally I'd love to see AC3 incorporate multiple time periods and locations, sort of the Assassin's frantic and desperate last gasp in the race against Abstergo to find the Apple of Eden's location. Though I do think it would make sense to mainly focus on Desmond as the Templar Satellite is only a few days away from launch in the story at the end of Brotherhood.
  13. No just bitter lol. I want my Grand Prix back damnit
  14. Mine would be Melbourne. Having grown up with the old Adelaide track which is now used for V8 Supercars I just find Melbourne to be dull and boring.
  15. I'm not a very competitive gamer, I'll always take the co-op modes over adversarial and as such the all the exp I've gained so far has been from some occasional horde with friends. With the 20x exp event I'm tempted to try some versus mp, however, I'm wondering a) whether I'm going to be swamped with squeaky voiced children shouting profanity down the headset at others and various other undesirable playing partners and b) will i end up sitting in the lobby for ever waiting to get a game when i could be doing something fun instead. Thank you in advance for any response
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