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  1. Does anyone know if there is any DLC planned for Rogue? I know that there is a season pass available for Unity but haven't heard (nor can I find) anything about one for Rogue. Wondering if it's safe to trade it in once I'm done. Thanks!
  2. Looking to boost all the MP achievements. GT: Harrison Drake I'm usually on by 8pm EST every night and play for a few hours.
  3. Hey. Looking to get some help, and help out, with achievements for this game. I've just started and am not very far but would like to try to get the 4-person and maybe even 2-person achievements out of the way. Drop me a message on Live, just please let me know why (say DSIII or something!). I'll be messaging the folks above me, so be warned. ;-)
  4. Thanks, Tyger. Always happy to see your name on a guide. Nice to see someone else who believes spelling and grammar are actually important.
  5. Just picked this up for $20 (thank you Americans and your Black Friday deals spilling into Canada) and should be getting started on it soon. Your guide looks amazing, especially how easy to follow it should be with the achievements divided up by chapter. Kudos!
  6. Hey BadFella, I actually managed to get lucky and find a game of Cops and Robbers with seven other people in it. Didn't think it was possible with how dead this game is online. Anyway, I will still help out so send me a message on Live (GT: Harrison Drake) when you're going to be boosting. I'm also looking for anyone who wants to boost the 119 races.
  7. I'm down for boosting if any needs an extra partner. Available most nights after 8pm EST. I have Speedy Hacker, etc. and only need to boost for ADAM. Just need my level 40 and 50 achievements. GT: Harrison Drake
  8. I'm down as well.... if I can get to the right level before the boosting session. GT: Harrison Drake
  9. 1. SCARYBADFELLA 2. XEROX 3. RON 4. Harrison Drake 5. 6. 7. 8. Able to do this any night after 8pm EST, may be good other times as well. Just send me a message on XBL to GT: Harrison Drake Let's get this shit done!
  10. Apparently not. [see edit below.] Just wondering if anyone has heard whether there will be future DLC or not. I've finished the game and just have a couple of achievements to clean up, then I was considering trading it in while it's still worth some decent credit. Last thing I want is to trade it in then find out I need to buy it back so I can complete new DLC for the 100% GS. EDIT: I actually managed to answer this myself, just took translating a German news site. "Zwar sind die Konsolen-Versionen von Risen 2: Dark Waters noch gar nicht erschienen, da steht schon fest, dass Deep Silver keine weiteren DLC-Inhalte plant. Lediglich der Bonusinhalt 'The Air Temple' sowie der Pre-Order Bonus 'Treasure Island' sind aktuell in Planung. Darüber hinaus sind keine weiteren Inhalte in Entwicklun. atürlich kann sich dies jederzeit noch ändern. Risen 2: Dark Waters für Konsolen erscheint am 03 August 2012." "While the console versions of Risen 2: Dark Waters not been released yet, there is already clear that Deep Silver plans no additional DLC content. Only the bonus content of 'The Air Temple' and the pre-order bonus 'Treasure Iceland' are currently being planned. In addition, no further content development. Of course, this can always change. Risen 2: Dark Waters appears on the console for 03 August 2012." Thank you, Google translator. Sure the English isn't perfect and it translated "Treasure Island" to "Treasure Iceland"... but what can you do?
  11. Sent you a message PIE EATER WIGAN. Count me in for sure!
  12. I picked up Sally's Salon for a Gamerscore boost and found myself addicted to it in no time. From the achievement list it seems like they added some new aspects to the gameplay for Sally's Spa. Should make for a fun little time-waster. Star Wars Cantina was another great and similar game... too bad they had to pull it from the marketplace
  13. Hello all, I could use some help if anyone is willing. I somehow screwed up my first playthrough and got switched to Bronze near the very end. Now I am trying to do my playthrough without dying on Silver with the Shadow Warrior. Thing is, I've been going through the main quests as quickly as possible and have only reached level 27. My character is well-built and has decent gear (best I've been able to find thus far) but I can't get past Nimounil to get to the final bosses. If there is anyone within the level range (up to 37) who would be able to join in a game and give me a hand it would be greatly appreciated. Please send a message through XBOX Live, GT: Harrison Drake Thanks, HD
  14. Really the achievements for quests are Order specific, not class. However, the only way you can get the achievement for unlocking the fourth level of rune seals is as a mage. Therefore, play as a mage. I was a mage who never used magic and just carried a big sword around. ;-)
  15. The best way to do it (and it says so in the achievement guide) is to NOT SELL ANYTHING. Then, when you get near the end of the game you should have a ton of stuff (for instance, I had nearly 200 lizard swords). Make a save near a merchant. Sell them EVERYTHING. Reload. Sell them EVERYTHING. Reload and repeat until achievements pop. When I did it I was in the final parts of Chapter 4 and each time I'd sell it all it was worth 32000 gold or so. Didn't take long to hit the 300,000 mark as it is cumulative across all saves. (That being said, you do not need to save after selling, just reload. The game keeps track of it all.)
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