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    Xbox 360 of course, FOOTBALL, my girlfriend, reading, music, you know just an all-around guy.
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    currently looking... but fulltime student

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  1. I'm looking to boost online achievements if anyone is looking. Forum is definitely dead. GT: x352x pH
  2. Looking to boost online achievements GT: x352x pH
  3. Does anyone play this? I can't get into a single match
  4. Every time you give Mama Murphy a new Chem every 8 hours of game time I think that counts as a misc objective
  5. Anybody find a fix? I just got the game and I'm having issues already. Have they come out and addressed the issue yet?
  6. Achievements actually pop up in the top right corner on the NXOE
  7. Looking to do 40 wins, medic and the kisses. I have an extra controller if that helps. GT: x352x pH
  8. This game is too frustrating, constantly dying and creating potholes -_-
  9. x352x pH

    Achievement Guide

    Easier and faster way to hit 250k is to just farm the enemies on the stage where the jets hover on the sides and fly in. You can literally just go up and down firing in one direction and it will kill all the enemies on both sides. Got to 250k a lot earlier than 2 hours in. Probably best to farm this after getting the other achievements.
  10. Yeah I figured out it was the sky stage I was missing, you use two controllers to access it
  11. Guys just enter the all options code and turn on easy juggling, no blocking, etc. code is back button, X, A, left on right stick, A, back button. Sabrewulf is an absolute monster this way, just mash left right B left right a etc. Was getting Killer combos pretty easily, also easy to pull off his ultra this way too
  12. I've beat arcade mode and everything but it still says 91% on the achievement, I'm assing I'm missing one somewhere?
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