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  1. I don't remember exactly how I did it, but I did it solo. And I don't think it has anything to do with your level. This is not Dead Island. If the zombies go up in level with you, there should literally be no 1-hit kills in the game. Maybe you are playing it at Hard mode? Anyway, there are plenty of pipes around and the machete has a few repair too. So you should have more than enough weapons to kill that one Demolisher. I remember finishing that level repairing my machete only once. So there should be plenty of room for errors.
  2. Guess it's glitched. I tried that once before the latest patch. Same thing happened to me. Didn't bother to do this since then. So my guess is that is another glitch.
  3. Well, at least they do pop if you have completed the requirements. Lucky for me I spared the time to work around them already. So I don't have to figure out how to get them popped after this patch.
  4. That patch didn't really fix anything. At least for most people, including me. However, a patch that released a couple of days ago does seem to fix most of the glitched achievements. And they are fixed in a way that the achievements will pop after sometimes, apparently randomly, according to another post.
  5. For me, it's definitely the Stasis Field Projector. It's a orange one. It will freeze EVERYTHING. Literally gives you enough time to kill anything unharmed. Humans will also avoid it at all cost, meaning they will jump to their death before getting caught in the field. Plus, it's silent, despite what it might sound like. The only thing is that you won't get it until you get to Old Town. There are two ways to get it though. And as far as I recall, it's not easy to craft too. But if you are okay with the Dupe trick, it could easily be a bully in the game.
  6. Just want to point out that The Launch, the submarine mission, is confirmed not required for The Whole Story.
  7. Well, I am not implying anything. I am just not sure if those in Slums will count, because at least "some" of them didn't count for me. If that counts for you, you should definitely do it before going to Old Town. I would agree that Rais's men spawn much more early in the story. Not sure it's anything to do with getting to Old Town. Because I too held back on the mission to go to Old Town to wrap things up in Slums. But by then, Rais's men seemed to spawn less already. [spoiler=001]I guess that makes sense because Rais had "retreated" to Old Town after the mission in the arena where you chopped his hand off". What I said in my last post is specific for when you are already towards the end, when you will notice that random events are a lot less. By that time, I found it easier to encounter Rais's men in Old Town than in Slums. That's what I meant.
  8. Maybe it's something to do with co-op, again. I heard people are having more trouble in co-op than in single player. But in my case, which is why I said from my experience, whenever a head explodes, it counts. And even if the zombies are not "aware" of my existence. Because I have shot many far-away biters that are standing still even after I fired a couple of times near them. I have tried the challenge 50+ times over. I am quite sure I know what happened to me. Again, there is clearly a bug when headshots are not properly counted. And a bug makes no sense. So it could be different for every one. Btw, kills don't count for me only when I am not involved in them. Like some random biters falling of ledges, walking into spikes, virals or humans running into fire. Whenever I did something to cause that kill, it counted. But I played this game mainly single-player. I guess it could be related to co-op or even just opening your game for co-op. Because the co-op latency had caused some quite interesting problems for me too. Like one time, I used takedown to kill a zombie dozen of times and it just kept getting right back up like it was merely knocked down. And no Points were counted whatsoever.
  9. Some say yes, but not in my case. It's All In The Writing and The Whole Story bugged for me. But I got them on the first side quest on NG (not NG+) and the first collectible, both of which I collected or did single-player in my first playthrough. And I did 6 side quests in co-op. 5 of which were mine while the 6th was another player's. It seems like the progress is bugged so that sometimes it doesn't count a completed task. But you don't really have to do that same task again in a NG for it to count back, unlike some say. In my case, the journal and the side quest I did to finally get the achievements DID count the first time. And it counts again on NG. This is referred as a glitch to glitch through the glitched achievement. But this is not always the case. Some people did what I did and still didn't get the achievements. So it's really messed up. Hopefully, there will really be a patch next week to fix them all.
  10. This, and try to use firecrackers to lure them away so they have their back on you.
  11. There are Rais's men rounding up two or three survivors in the Slums, as opposed to beating them in the Old Town. But like I said, those in the Slums don't seem to count.
  12. Thanks for the update man, though I have got all the achievements already. BTW, I didn't realize that there will be DLCs. Hopefully won't be some ridiculous achievements that come with it.
  13. Again, this is a glitch. Pretty much won't make any sense. And Techland is quite famous for glitchy achievements.
  14. Not entirely true. I was 97% when I was there. I did 3 more side quests (last 3). Still 97%. I started a new game and played one side quest. Boom! Achievement popped. So while finishing the game might give you the achievement, that 3% is obviously not dedicated to the last story mission. This is a glitch.
  15. The Running challenges at the Old Town could be a bit challenging if you do them right away, like I did. But if you max out Agile (get Tier 3 and preferably get Ultimate Runner), it will make most of them a lot easier. The Combat challenges, as far as I can remember, are not that hard if you know the tricks to them, except for this headshot one. I remember googling for two challenges. One is this. The other being the Leg Breaker, which turns out to be pretty easy. I just didn't think of crouching.
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