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  1. It is one of the easier Halo titles to do. I guess i got lucky, i got it on the 11th from Tesco in the UK, got a mate who also loves halo and blasted nearly every achievement in 1 night.
  2. Who has got the full 1000 on this game. It isn't that hard to do really. Edit: I didn't want this to sound cocky or anything either lol.
  3. You have the black bars because the game is running in widescreen.
  4. It runs in fullscreen like reach. No black bars and it doesn't look stretched.
  5. Good vid but you missed the Invisibility, that helps alot if you want to avoid most of it.
  6. New obviously Went back to the old graphics to see the differences of some of the levels.
  7. The description is wrong, you don't need Iron on. It's just ANY 3 skulls on and beat a level. Simple.
  8. Unlimited ammo is for all weapons and grenades. Weapons need to reload still though.
  9. Achievements are not disabled on old graphics. I did the Library 30 min run achievement in old graphics and got it.
  10. You get the achievement for killing them all without them shooting back. You will know when they see you because the music starts. Took me a few tries, try on Easy.
  11. never known of that. Through you do only have to press x, not hold it.
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