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  1. Love the name, but the game is not very good lol.
  2. Shocked me for a second until I saw your name lol. I'm watching a recent fancam right now as I type this. Thank you. Best congratulatory message so far
  3. Just got 1 million gamerscore. 9 months for this last 100k.
  4. These threads are pretty quiet but I thought I'd put in here that I hit 900k the other day. Only 8 months since 800k. See you at 1 million!
  5. Hey Matt, I thought you might be interested in checking this out.


    Announcement Thread

    Sign Up Thread


    ~Cheers, Dirty :slick:

  6. Where do you Find a Moura tear?
  7. Yep I made an 800k club thread, but Barad commented in this one for some reason lol
  8. Everyone around me is actually scoring more than me most of the time, surprisingly. I'm actually one of the slower scorers of the top 25.
  9. Just hit 800K! Sept 19th to May 19th, 8 months. My quickest 100k so far. Previous best was 10 months. I set a goal to get 900k by July 31st 2017, my birthday. See you then!
  10. I had a friend miss a beagle scout and got all jelly beans and the achievement unlocked.
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