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  1. Well it's been a long time waiting but this game is finally getting released in the U.S. I was watching the motocross of Nations last weekend and saw a commercial. After doing some investigative work it is now listed on U.S. amazon and gamestop websites and says a Nov 18th release date.
  2. Thanks for the update man, I really appreciate it. Sucks that's the case, hopefully they'll get it together and release it in the U.S. soon....at least put it up on marketplace as a download at the very least.
  3. Are you kidding me? The outdoor motocross series in the U.S. is the most viewed and prestigious one of the sport, America is the backbone of super/motocross. Now if you're talking about Mx1/Mx2 championships, then yea, we obviously have different series in the states than those. But and correct me if I'm wrong because I never played the game, but Mud was centered around the Mx1/Mx2 series and that came to the U.S. correct? I hate this waiting game, I just wish EA would make a Supercross 2015 and be done with it....or 989 make another Supercross Circuit.
  4. Yea we got MUD (refuse to play it because of horrible reviews) so that gives me some relief. I wonder what the delay will be for it coming over here. Thanks for the response.
  5. Hey just wondering if anyone knows if this will be a region free game, if I buy it from the U.K. if it'll work on my US console? And the second question I have is does anyone know if they are suppose to be releasing it in the U.S? Thanks in advance!
  6. Looking to get 'Like a Boss' Skid loader achievement from back to Karkand as well as a few other MP achievements. Message me if interested. Gt: JUST DO IT7
  7. Thanks for the insight Pants. Been forever since I've been on here, hope all is well.
  8. Hello, I purchased the Xbox 360 Hardened Edition and was wondering if the season pass included could be redeemed on the xbox one to be used with the xbox one version? With all the cross platform/generation stuff going on I get a little confused on what's practical and not. Any input and experience on this and if it works?
  9. Reserved for when I sell my collection
  10. Astro A40 MLG Professional Gaming Headset + Wireless MixAmp - Ebay Only used once for twenty minutes so I'm still considering it in New* Condition. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251120750547?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  11. I recently bought a computer that does not have a disk drive. Because of this I'm forced to have my games downloaded on my HD. I have a huge game collection and love collecting physical copies of the games I own. So far I know of three games that give you a Steam Key when you buy the physical copy of the game, they are Modern Warfare 3, Fear 3, and Rage. Do you guys know of any other PC games that come with Steam Keys? Please Help and Thank you in advance!
  12. As this has probably been mentioned it's not a scam, these morons just believed that you get 6000 MS points from MS for sending that message. I was on halo 3 at the time and got swarmed with 5-6 messages regarding the same thing.
  13. I was under the impression it doesn't matter where you buy it, it's a universal service right? So if I bought it on my xbox I could still use it on my computer and vice versa. $120 is ridiculous but I got a ridiculous amount of MS points from that recent MS promotion so I figured I'd buy something I could actually use compared to arcade games I'll never play lol.
  14. Just curious is anyone knows the question. I'm dying to get the MLB.Tv subscription based service and now that I can watch the games on my xbox with the new app that was released I'm a little more prone to getting it but I'm curious if you can purchase the subscription with MS points. The subscription is around $120. If you have an answer please let me know.
  15. Well I saw a trailer a month or two ago that said April 2012 at the end but the new trailer posted on the site says Spring 2012. Who knows, maybe it was delayed until may or June?? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  16. Well maybe you'll agree with me but i continue to think the mx vs atv series is complete garbage. I still think the best mx/sx game out there is pro circuit (name?) and the old EA supercross games from EA on the PS1. I currently don't race or ride , I have way to much going on. But I raced for 8 years over here in northern CA until I gave it up for baseball. Raced in the super mini's, LL's, and junior supercross at A1 in 01 among other things. As for the game, I'm hoping this is an improvement from all the other junk out there. I wish EA would just come out and make an official SX and MX game with factory teams, riders, and replica tracks from both circuits.
  17. It comes out in april 2012, as for the specific date i don't know.
  18. so you train for it but it's recreational? What bike do you even ride?
  19. Looking to boost the DLC achievements as well as play 25 and win 10. Hit me up and we can get them all knocked out in an hour. Gt: JUST DO IT7
  20. haha i know what u mean man. I think i have 10 posts on this site in the last 6 months and i never look at the threads. I bring this site up in the browser, check the most recent news on the front and close it, lol. I'm hardly on the box anymore as well, although the last two weeks have been a different story with portal 2 and now mx vs atv alive. How sick would it be if ur lightning and my sharks played in the cup. I'm looking forward to the conference finals!! I went to the first round game 1 and 2 and had the chance to go tonight for only $250 for the pair but i was out of town. If they make it to the cup....when they make it to the cup I'm going no matter what, hah.

  21. Hit me up, I need this and all other online achievements for this game. Gt: JUST DO IT7
  22. Just finished portal 2 and what better way then to start the Orange Box. I'm behind schedule but better late than never.
  23. I was making some changes to my profile and i came across ur profile on my friends list and was going to send you a message saying whats up. I then proceeded to see my comment below and it made me so happy knowing I had said that back in April of last year, haha.

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