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  1. Looking to do all MP achievements. Would like to get session going for full boat and the other party type achievements. Add your GT if you would like to join, need 16 total. 1. Jack Bauer117 2. Evil Ryannn 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  2. Looking to boost the online achievements ASAP! Hit me up! GT: Evil Ryannn
  3. My friend needs this one! If you could hit him up that would be great GT: oOo Tom W oOo
  4. Still looking to Boost level 50! Hit me up if you need someone! GT: Evil Ryannn
  5. I'm down to boost to Level 50. I will be available whenever you need me and I will be able to stay as long as needed. Basically, I'm 100% reliable so hit me up GT: Evil Ryannn
  6. Need Abstergo Employee of the Month and Level 50. Message me if interested in boosting GT: Evil Ryannn
  7. Need to boost all of the original online achievements for the 1000g. Message me if interested GT: Evil Ryannn
  8. I know this forum isn't active at all anymore but I am looking to boost all the online achievements. If anyone is up for boosting those, send me a message on XBL GT: Evil Ryannn
  9. Just popped at 34. I have a feeling Stomping Vehicles doesn't count towards the 20, not sure though.
  10. I've done 32 kills as of this post by stomping. It refuses to pop up. Anyone else having this problem? Please don't tell me it's 20 in one game because honestly that's impossible...
  11. Complete an EA SPORTS Football Club Game Scenario Challenge Is this achievement even still possible to get as there hasn't been a challenge at all for days? =/
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