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  1. looking to start this week, add me gamertag = "iNS Heners"
  2. looking for some partners, add 'iNS Heners'
  3. no right now, looking to pass 5 - 1 onwards, will help out afterwards. please add me, 'heners mate'
  4. 2 discs mateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. add me, looking to do all this weekend gamertag = "heners mate"
  6. got the achievement + all of the achievements, only 30 and 100 games to play
  7. Just thought with the 10 minutes in the Plane achievement, if you spawn on the boat or land and you press "B" to go into the plane, can you stay still while moving up and down the run way, does this count to the 10 minutes ?
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