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  1. Simple question really, does Firefight count towards medal achievements? I looked at the trackers after a few games and it didn't appear to go up. Just checking, thanks. -WcG iFredy29
  2. Exactly the thing I thought before I got to your comment lol -WcG iFredy29
  3. Is it me or anyone else noticed the Crash Bandicoot 1, 86% of the people have the achievement for getting all the other achievements in the first game? Considering the percentages are less for other achievements meaning it's not possible without a glitch.
  4. If anyone wants to boost the challenge achievements just add me "WcG iFredy29" and me send me 10 easy challenges, once I get mine I'll send you 10 back:respect: -WcG iFredy29
  5. The stupid thing is it's not on there, from what I can see anyway! -WcG iFredy29
  6. At least 3 achievements are glictched for me, the change formations in career, change captain in FUT, win a match day challenge on world class.. Maybe the pro one is glictched to, not amused!!!! -WcG iFredy29
  7. Fredy29

    Game Crashing?

    Mate it's still doing it! Cost me a seasons win, crashed in a club game with mates, just tried doing a drop in club match for the achievement and it's just crashed 3 games I can't get in a bloody game! It's every bloody FIFA mate does my head in! -WcG iFredy29
  8. Ok cheers guys, not sure what to do now, it only last one more day! Hmm.. -WcG iFredy29
  9. Xbox Live 12 Month Membership + 1 Month Membership. Are the codes seperate? This might sound like a stupid question but does any know if the 12 month and the 1 month are seperate codes? I don't want to put the code in if it's 13 months altogether. I am ordering this one: http://www.game.co.uk/en/forza-motorsport-5-xbox-live-12-month-1-month-gold-membership-249714?pageSize=20&searchTerm=xbox%20live%20gold%20membership Which is digital one, I just want to know if the codes will be sent to my email seperately. I'd really appreaciate the help! Cheers -WcG iFredy29
  10. Fredy29

    Game Crashing?

    Game Crashing? Is it just me or does anyone else FIFA crash a lot? Really starting to annoy me now, it's happened to me sometimes on previous FIFA's and I know it's not my xbox coz it doesn't crash on any other games, any suggestions? Really starting to bug me why I always dodgey FIFA's or some sort of problem every single game it's really frustrating and it's really starting to annoy me now. I hardly even play my xbox anymore and not being to enjoy it when I do coz I spend half the turning my xbox on and and off and signing in is really starting to fry my brain. Another note sometimes it doesn't frreeze fully, the game freezes and I eject my disc and it goes to the dashboard, but when the game freezes I can't bring up the xbox guide, it makes the noise but doesn't appear. As I said any suggestions would be great before I snap my disc! -WcG iFredy29
  11. GAME Exclusive Brands Hatch Special Edition for £18 worth buying? Just wondered what people think of the game? And is it worth buying this edition for £18? I loved Grid 1 just can't decide on this, not willing to part with money for games anymore as I hardly play my xbox like I used to in the past.. Reviews would be nice Cheers -WcG iFredy29
  12. Sorry dude, I completely missed the online forum I honestly noticed there was one even though I know they do it, I hardly use these forums these days.. Plus I posted this on my phone Anyway yeah, now you mentioned the patch I forgot that came tonight, good point! I think this happened me once or twice during the first week but I haven't noticed it happen since till tonight! So it must be the patch. This is why I posted the forum coz I thought they fixed it so I was wondering, I'm glad to know it's not just me otherwise this would be more concerning.. Not the end of world it's just annoying, I got my levels back already.. One thing I did notice is that because I was mainly racing, I noticed that I kept my race wins, and they still counted towards my awards.. But that's leader board so that's different, but I'm just saying I noticed it saved
  13. Tonight I lost like 2 levels and all my money I earned because it didn't save. I went into single player because I had a phone call of my friend, I don't understand why it didn't save I was popping in and out of races and it didn't save so I'm not happy about it.. Happened at least twice to me now.. Anyone else had this problem tonight? Just wondering, thanks -WcG iFredy29
  14. Is there really sharks on here? Haha! :') -WcG iFredy29
  15. Cheers everyone, good tips! I knew some of these but others will help thanks Although driving can increase by driving fast and on opposite side of the road to I know Also I found the cow one slightly amusing haha.. -WcG iFredy29
  16. Quickest way to increase attributes in single player? Just wondering is anyone knew the best way to increase each attribute? Like the special ability you can only get up by using it obviously but then you got like shooting which I found the quickest way to get that up was the shooting range, and flying at the flight school was the quickest for that, unless there are faster ways! Special Stamina Shooting Strength Stealth Flying Driving Lung Capacity So anyone got tips for each one? Just prefer to max them out, thanks -WcG iFredy29
  17. Aces in Tennis? Any tip on how do get them? I get full power and all the way to the edge of the bar (left or right) still can't manage to get an ace! Just wondering, thanks - WcG iFredy29
  18. Fredy29

    Youtube Account

    I can't get mine to work on the game anymore, any ideas? I know it's the right username and password because I went on my computer and in signed in successfully with the same details and it still wouldn't work afterwards, I even changed my passowrd and it wouldn't work still.. Any ideas? -WcG iFredy29
  19. Ahh think I've worked it out now, if you complete the orange objective that unlocks the path for you isi? Easier just to buy them tbh, ain't that much, get them back back by doing easy obecjtives, although, they're probably more expensive on other levels than say, the jungle ones. -WcG iFredy29
  20. Wait now, I read your comment above this one further up yesterday and it even confused me! So you can't unlock the paths any other way apart from buying them is it? Apart from the very first level very I mean. -WcG iFredy29
  21. Never got the tickets coz the game never works, rubbish! -WcG iFredy29
  22. The achievement where you have to play with a guest in a seasons game, I don't care if I lose a cup match see but don't wanna lose a season match!
  23. Can you get this achievement in a cup match? Thanks
  24. Ohh wait, I just went on it now and it's finally given me the FCC, but not the XP. When I complete the challenge it does come up in the bottom right hand corner saying "Challenege Completed" or whatever, but it also says "XP, 500 FCC" It doesn't state any XP, not even "0", it just says "XP". So my game is registering the challenge as completed, and giving me the FCC, it's even ticked off in the box under completed challenges and on the challenge itself, I just don't understand why I have not been receiving any XP from it! From what I've been seeing I've lost 2100 XP in total I think, maybe even more when I haven't noticed my XP.. What a joke!
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