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  1. same here, all my progress for the 100,000 lines cleared achievement is gone, back to the beginning.
  2. the latest update (v1.5) reset my progress for Eradicator, i was at 3/4 on the progress bar, now i am back at the begining, little bit after the first R of Eradicator. EA and Gayloft, f..k you both for releasing crappy fremium games full of glitches and bugs. I am at level 35, now I have to reach level 130 in order to clear 100K lines? No way, I am done with your games!
  3. Edit: I completed the game 100% (all chievos) so I don't need any help, thank you. I am done with this game, so please don't ask for any further help requests. add me to boost some online activies like deathmatches and races. I need the the midnight club achievement too (win 5 races with a custom car), numero uno achievement and also some boost with some platium awards also in online. I don't need help with the rank 100 achievement, because I am close to that doing races alone (i am at level 91 already) GT: Dancsi27
  4. Here is a trick how to unlock the power up of the week using the Facebook's friend help feature ONLY if you don't have 3 Facebook friends who has also Tetris Blitz on WP8 (like myself, I have only 1 friend from 400+, the rest doesn't play this game or don't care about ) 1) First, simply create 3 different email addresses (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, doesn't matter). Take a note of them (with the password you choice, because you are gonna use them later for the other power-ups of the week, you don't need to create 3 each time. 2) Use those 3 email addresses and create 3 different Facebook profiles (I was able to create 3 of them fine without Facebook asking about its high security check with phone number/SMS, etc.) 3) Add those 3 profiles to your main Facebook account's friend list (the one that you use for Tetris Blitz usually) (ask for a friend request). 4) Load the game, if your main FB account is logged in, logout (from the Options menu) then login with 1 of the 3 new dummy FB account using the blue Login with Facebook button 5) Quickly finish the 2 tutorial/intro games with the new account, when that's done, simply logout again and login with your main FB account that you use in Tetris Blitz. Choose "Play with friends", press Play and press the blue Unlock button next to the power up of the week (Avalanche in this case). Click on one of the 3 empty square with the person logo in it (above the progress bar), this will open your FB friend list. 6) Select the 1 that you used before in the game (logged in) and press Send. 7) Repeat steps 4-6 again with the other 2 new FB accounts (at step 6, you basically send an unlock help once for each 3 accounts 8) Logout again and login with one of the new account, go to the Setting, click on the envelope icon (should be one notification), click on the green Accept/Send button. Repeat this step with the other 2 accounts, make sure, you logout between each time. 9) Finally, when the unlock help is accepted with all 3 accounts, logout a final time and login with your main account. Open the main menu, press the envelope icon (should be a red notification too) and accept the unlock help from the 3 accounts. If you did this correctly, you should have a message that you unlocked the power-up of the week and you can use it for free 3 times. 10) For the remaining power-ups, simply use the login/logout trick and the send the unlock help to your 3 accounts method then accept it in the game. No need to create 3 new FB accounts. As long as they remain in your FB friend list, you are fine . I just did that now and unlocked the power-up (Avalanche) in 15 mins. I also saved coins with that method
  5. is the game quitting randomly for anybody else when you play a custom game (any)? I am grinding the 100 wins for duplicate mode (49 more wins to go) and randomly the game quits by itself with a fast purple screen. Of course, I lose all the wins I got since the last total wins and when the game "crashes". For example I am at 300 total wins, I win 10 more in duplicate, then the game crashes. I lose the 10 extra wins and I am back at 300 wins.
  6. Correction: People got banned because they shared that account (oman, morocco, russia, etc) with their friends/other people so they can download the games from the download history and that caused the banning. If you don't share the accounts with other people and keep them for yourself, you are fine. I have friends who did that (without giving the accounts to other people of course) and nothing happened to their account, they didn't got banned. I created a japanese account and added a 3 months gold on it and grabbed some arcade games that were free during the XBL gold promotion (games that are region free of course) and nothing happened neither to that or my main account.
  7. yeah, the huge gold coin with the 8 in it is a power up, it will increase the power bar a little bit. The small coins (one used for buying stuffs in the store) are fine for this achievement. Everything that is floating (beside the chest and green gem) have to be avoided.
  8. I had no problem unlocking it today, on my first try. When the power-up meter was full and flashing green, i made sure I didn't double tapped the screen by accident. Btw, you can buy the score multiplier to make things easier, with that, you can earn 1M points way before than if you keep it at 1x. The more you buy it, the easier you will get 1M point without running like 10,000m in distance. I grabbed green gems and coins and I still got it.
  9. yep, i have the same problem too as you. When you press Next after a round, it will automaticly press the Share button, the sensitivity is kinda high on those buttons
  10. you mean lumia 1020. There is no such phone as 1080
  11. i had no such problem when i updated mine. Still have to unlock both achievements. The progress bar for Eradicator is a little bit over half way (after the second "r" letter by I would say 1-2 cm) and I am at level 33 already, so my progress got reset too with 1 of the updates. Also, I placed in the top 10 in 2-3 different tournaments and I got no credit for that in the achievement list (there is one tournament challenge for being in the top 10 and for me, it still says 0).
  12. one more thing I noticed is now, you only need to use a power-up 60 times instead of 90 times before you can unlock it for good, so you only need to buy the power-up of the week 20 times
  13. people reported that their progress got reset after the 2nd or 3rd update, so they had to play even more (and reach higher levels before unlocking it). This is the case with me too, because I am at level 32 (and most people unlocked it before the updates between level 37 and 42) and my progress bar is just after the 2nd "r" in Eradicator, so I am not even half way there too. i found the best way to boost lines now is playing the frenzy tournament mode using the timer, avalanche/quake and laser (or the new blitz'n) power-ups. When you start the game, you will be already in frenzy mode (and remain until the end of the game). I managed to score over 1M points and clear 230 lines each time. The only problem is that tournament mode uses those lighting stuff each time, you enter and when you have not enough, you have to wait 4-5 minutes for recharging.
  14. Tetris Blitz got another update today (v1.4) From what I can see, there is now a Tournament mode where you can compete with other people around the world and win coins if you are in the top 3 spots after the tournament is over. There are also challenges too, each with 3 levels, you can also earn coins when you complete them. No new achievements (at least not Xbox Live ones), but there is now a progress bar for the Eradicator achievement (clear 100,000 lines) I see 2 new power-ups (Blitz'n and Bulldozer). The main menu also changed.
  15. i noticed that the last update fixed the problem when you unlock a power up after you used it 90. There is now a continue/confirm button after the unlock the power up message, so you can go back to the main menu. Before, there was only a background picture + music and there was no way to go back to the main menu, you had to restart the phone everytime.
  16. is the WWTBAM games (5 different ones from 5 different regions) are removed from the store, because I can't find them, using WP8 of course. i changed the region to UK, searched for Who Wants to Be, found some results but they are not the XBL versions.
  17. just wanted to add that the microtransaction thing is not glitchy, i just bought the pro player pack at 10$ (using prepaid visa card ) and the gatherer achievement unlocked as soon as the missing power ups added to my collection. However, everything was added 2x (with only 1 charge on my CC), instead of 400,000 coins, i got 800,000 + the 213,000 i had before, same goes with the power ups, instead of 9 + 2 of the finishers, i got 18 and 4 for each power ups and finishers. Same goes with the extra spins, i got 10 instead of 5. Not a bad deal at all :woop:
  18. Yep, i got it working at around 14h35 left but now I have to wait 8h for the next spin instead of 4h. Still, I was able like 4-5 times in a row. One day, I got 3 extra spins for unknown reasons and I had to wait 4h after. Next time I get that again, I will post the exact time
  19. what you can also do if you want wifi (if you want to spin the bonus blitz game every 4 hours) is to load the game without wifi/3G connection (turn off the wifi/mobile data). When the game is loaded press the Home key (the one with the windows logo), you will be back to the home screen of the phone. Turn the wifi/mobile data back on. Press the back key until you are back in the game. Wait a little bit until the wifi is 100% connected and the game has internet access. You can now play the spin bonus game or connect with your FB account or access to the in-app store. I had the same issue btw and this is the only way to get network connection now. i hope EA will fix this small issue.
  20. there is a COD: Ghost trailer on the US dashboard. After watching the trailer, you can download a free golden grappling hook avatar prop
  21. ehh, when I post/reply, the last image on the right is under the other 2, not on the side, like in your post/quote, i don't understand.
  22. AB SW II and AB Season are free in the Canada marketplace. AB Rio is 1$, i should check out the USA store for that. I have the rest.
  23. i can't even find that game on the WP store (i have a 820), so either it's delisted for good or only compatible for WP7 If you delete the game or reset the phone and the game is delisted, you will not be able to redownload/reinstall it even if you have the xap file on your PC. The reason is because it's a phone and not a PC/360 and i guess this license thing is different on the phone compared on XBL. This is why i stopped buying games on the phone, i payed like 15$ for games and most of them are already delised (stupid Gameloft and games with MSP IAP) and i am not able to redownload/reinstall them. I am also kinda glad to end my support with MS altogether with all their product and go back with Sony (PS4 and my PS Vita), at least they support the people when they buy games and not rip them off by delisting games for stupid thing like digital licenses and MSP vs currency payments) I even got 9 free games in 1 month on my ps vita because I am a plus member, some of them are new too . Compared to MS free gold games promotion (2 games a month), the Sony deal is even better. That's just for the Vita, add then all the ps3 ones
  24. if a game is delisted, it's delisted for good and you can't reinstall it even if you have the xap file on the SD card. you need to be connected to the net (wifi/3g) for installing games from the sd card via the store because the store has to check the xap file for authentification/validation and the source from where it came (if it's came from the WP store/windows phone website or from other sources like torrent sites or any other pirate sites). Or, the game is not compatible with WP8 (there are some incompatible games). Either of the two.
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