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  1. A lot of the achievements can be done playing single player without a second controller or even an AI player. If you pick single player and the first option you are playing completely by yourself
  2. Last week my bank card was used for 4 different transactions that I didn't make, so I had to cancel my card. Two days ago this reddit post appeared Boomerang are denying they have been hacked, but with everyone having one thing in common in that reddit thread its worth keeping an eye on your bank account.
  3. I'm about half way into the game. The gameplay is solid, but I just feel like every character has to be crazy now. I like min as the main bad guy, but longinus, the fashion designer, the radio guy and yogi & reggie are really annoying I'm trying to finish them missions so they will piss off.
  4. I enjoyed black flag because I liked Edward, but I've hated ship sailing since 3. From what I've played of unity so for I'm really enjoying it. Feels like it takes the best of ac2 and the best of ac1. I love the new movement system and its nice not feeling like I can take on an army. I've only had one problem with frame rate so far and no bugs. I must be lucky. Different strokes for different folks I guess. The most annoying thing with the game is loading times.
  5. This guy gets it. The fact that the level design is built around the jumping is awesome, very much like darks souls in that respect. I think what a lot of people don't understand is while this is based on older games like ghosts and goblins and its very unforgiving. Its not unfair like olders games. In this game if you die its your fault. For the people saying its unnecessarily hard, its not. Destiny is unnecessarily hard with its bullet sponge enemies.
  6. Glad they are working on a fix. On the plus side I've got good at beating world one fast.
  7. The point I was making is that people are getting pissed because its not a retail game. That is exactly the reason people are angry.
  8. There is an achievement for completing the game in 10 deaths or less. So probably 9/10. If you play the game with out the negative attitude of a lot of people and you enjoy hard games you should enjoy volgar
  9. The negativity that's devoleped on this web site is shocking. I feel sorry for the people who made this very fun game. For the backlash they are getting for giving it away. This game is great, yet gets shit on because it isn't cod or ryse. Aside from strike suit zero(not into space mechs, I still didn't piss and moan when it was given to me.) I have had fun with every game given away.
  10. Yeah I noticed that to. Its a shame about the online, because the 3 games I have had have been fun.
  11. Is anybody else waiting minutes between games in ranked, only to be kick out of the game when you do get one. I've had two games the first I lost but an error message came up at the end of the game and it didn't get added to my loses, the other I won.
  12. I've had this same problem with multiple achievements on trials fusion, after a few days it should unlock.
  13. There was an issue, with season pass. It was asking people to pay for the dlc. Its been fixed now
  14. Same problem for me, plus in the game menu its still listed as coming soon.
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