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  1. I just pre-ordered off amazon digitally since I had a gift card. Any idea when I will get the Far Cry 3 download code?
  2. At the start of each level there are 4 clover objectives shown on the ground before you enter through the gate. Is there anyway to see what each objective is. Obviously the L is completing "LUCKY" and I think the check mark is for completing the level. Any help would be great.
  3. Goots 88. Reminds me of the old steamboat mickey mouse cartoons
  4. I have a public society which some of you already joined. I am an avid golf game fan and will be running the clubhouse. Unfortunately there is a membership fee but this goes to the clubhouse (society) bank roll which is used for upgrades and tournament pots. Pretty legit stuff. I will be using most money to upgrade club level so I can increase our level to allow for more tournaments to be created. I will try and have at least 1 tournament a week (Thursday - Sunday), which will vary in difficulty. All our welcome to join!!! Society name: Birdie Hunters Cheers and see ya on the first tee.
  5. Looking to boost the MUT season achievements. On most nights 5pm - 10pm EST GT: Goots 88 Please send me a message and not a FR - I don't always see the FR because it just adds you as a follower Thanks
  6. Yes. It's a game that is always playable with buddies. Despite all the horrible reviews, its still a good golf game and I still thoroughly enjoy playing it. Plus with the addition of free courses comes the extension of a new season with more tournaments.
  7. This is 100% accurate. They give you the choice to skip one of the last challenges at Wolf Creek. They recommend you have zero gravity and to come back to it. Also, FedEx cup will not unlock until after the playoffs, even if you have enough points.
  8. According to Facebook EA Sports PGA TOUR, They will be releasing the pre-order DLC TPC Scottsdale free to everyone August 11th, followed by East Lake Golf Course home of the FedEx Cup Coca-Cola Championships releasing in September. Both courses will be available in Play Now, Tour Pro Career, and online modes.
  9. I stick to what I have in my own golf bag. 10.5 Driver 3 Wood 7 Wood (mental block against hybrids) 4-PW irons 50* GW 54* SW 60* LW Putter
  10. The night club mode is gigantic, probably takes up a majority of the game space. With that said, I'm starting to enjoy it more and more. I personally try and three star each challenge before moving on ie: the glider challenge took me close to 2 hours to perfect but I found myself enjoying it more so than wanting to throw my controller. I know as far as achievements go you don't need to three star everything, but the added challenge, and some are quite difficult, just adds that much more value and time to a rather short but high playability game.
  11. In career mode, hit RB to go to stats page. The bottom right is 'Round Type'. Change that to full rounds. The default is quick play, which is roughly 5 holes per 18, the rest is simulated.
  12. In the description it says hard swing mode you should have to pull the club back how ever far you want it to go... ie: 100 yard shot but only need 50 yards you should take the club back only 50%; however, I am finding that the ball is still going where my arrow is when I zoom in... Can anyone else clarify this? I would like to play where I have to use different swing lengths as I find it more realistic and enjoyable.
  13. Great! Thank you for the timely response.

  14. We are still waiting for Microsoft to grant us access to the official feed so we can begin tracking again. It's been a busy time on the Microsoft side recently with the Expos and E3, but we are continuing to push the case.

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