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  1. I really thought about abandoning it rather than trying it for a third time, but seeing as half the game is quick time events, and I've got them fresh in mind, decided there'd be no better time to try again than now... The worst part of the stupid game is that 7 of the achievements are earned by unlocking the rest of the achievements in the game, based on an in game tracker. So not only did I have to replay all those levels, twice now I've had to meet a bunch of the achievement requirements again
  2. Just had my first miserable experience this GSL... Being on a casual team I decided to use this GSL as an opportunity to finally do mop-up from my previous GSLs, finish some "quick/easy" games instead of starting them. 5 years back Bee Movie Game ended up glitching on me and I had to restart it if I wanted the completion, I finally got around to that today. I got about halfway through the game, just to the point that I could start earning some achievements in it again, when out of the blue it froze on a loading screen. With deep fear I was forced to dashboard out of the game. Upon reloading it I was greeted with a dreadful "save-file corrupted" screen. After a good half day of playing I'm back at the beginning with not even one achievement to show for it
  3. Tickets officially up for sale as of today! http://i.imgur.com/VUrzgoe.png [ame] [/ame]
  4. Site username should have a lowercase k (gamertag is correct), doubt it matters though, looks good otherwise. Team name is perfect! unless BEA/Target say otherwise.

  5. Not entirely certain... I've got a mountain of a backlog to deal with, 521 games to be exact, and it's a little overwhelming to choose what to focus on. In the immediate future I see myself continuing on with Lego Dimensions. Might also try my hand at some multi-tasking again, knock out some of the WP titles I started years back while "playing" whatever visual novels I still have in my backlog. If I get bored enough with that I might pick up Titanfall 2 so I've got something relatively new to play until Andromeda comes out.
  6. Ya.... There's no traveling circus, as cool as that would be. Just started a new job that'll have me being on the road a fair bit, with little to no free time for a few weeks, thus Target's comment. That confusion aside, good read and congrats on the engagement.
  7. Don't assume that I've left, I still see the stuff you post about me
  8. Things are going okay for me. Leaving my job at a grocery store in a couple weeks after being there for longer than I should have... Starting a short seasonal job as a truck driver in a month. Work won't last long but the experience there will get me work elsewhere, and the pay will be nice. So personal life, definitely getting better. Gaming life... Seems I'm always finding myself with less and less time. I may end up disappearing more from here than I already have, just because of time constraints, but hope I'll be able to find time to come back regularly again in the future :)

  9. Pretty good. Have everything lined up to start at a new job next month. It'll unfortunately mean no gaming or site time for a month or two, but it'll give me some much needed experience to move on to bigger and better things, and the pay is significantly better, that's always a bonus :p


    Things good with you?

  10. So I'd been working through my GFWL titles a while back trying to finish up the ones I'd started. Got to Toy Soldiers back in October and had a terrible time getting the game to start. Whenever I'd start the game the screen would come up black and a second screen/pop-up would say "Games for Windows - Live Initialization Failed". I recall spending a good few days working through the problem, looking at lots of different solutions online, before finally getting it to work. Spent some time playing the game after I got it working, and then somehow got distracted from it. Finally got back to the game, again, and I'm encountering the same issue. Problem is, I can't remember what I did to fix it last time, and I can't work out what I might have done that undid my previous "repair". I've gone through all my browser history from that month looking for my previous solution (of which I can't find), tried uninstalling and reinstalling various GFWL related software (.net framework, GFW client, silverlight, etc.), tried windows updates, tried shutting off firewalls and antivirus, nothing seems to be working. Given that none of the "solutions" I came across on the internet worked for me, thought it might just be an isolated incident, just my computer "bugging out". But then I tried opening the game on my laptop where it was also installed, same issue there. I have no idea if I'm missing something incredibly obvious, or if the game just hates me, but if anyone has been through this scenario and got it working, or even has some suggestions I'd really appreciate the help! EDIT: Nevermind, working now and finished.
  11. Love it, thanks for the awesome sig!
  12. Well, I went to replace my GSL sig with the War Doctor sig I had prior, but unfortunately I can't seem to find it again. So I guess that means I'm in need of a new sig... If anyone's feeling up for it, I'd really like to have a Lego Dimensions sig. At minimum I'd like to have Chell in it. Other characters I'd be happy to have included: Gandalf, Wyldstyle, Emmet, Bad Cop, Benny, Unikitty, Marty Mcfly, Doc Brown, Cyberman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and the TARDIS. Feel free to include however many of those characters as you feel like. I realize that the requested sig may be a little difficult to get images/renders for, so if no one is able to complete it then an alternative sig I'd be interested in using is a Portal or Portal 2 themed sig. Not too worried about specifics on either request that is taken, just include my gamertag (kaleido42, all lowercase) in there somewhere and make something awesome. Thanks ahead to whoever helps me out
  13. Any chance this'll get a checklist on the front page similar to overachiever/arcade-crazy?
  14. I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw a wild gackt posting art on Creech's blog! Welcome back :D

  15. Already congratulated Bplayak, but congrats again to the both of you, to say it was deserved is an understatement.
  16. Decided I didn't want to be the last person to score, so I did a noble thing and pulled my team out of last place. We now have a score of 3 points!
  17. I don't know who he is either... Oh well, I'll score sooner or later, Tuesday to be precise :p

  18. What!? What about that Jacob Ulysses guy?

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