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  1. I know this is super unlikely but looking for 3 people to boost the Shikamaru achievement, I noticed in the game if you have him downloaded and don't see him appear in your character select screen just go to exclusive content on the menu and it will auto restart the game and he will now be on your character list but you need to have him downloaded for this to work. GT: Akiraa20
  2. Looking to boost the DLC mplayer achievements, someone with multiple controllers as can do it pretty quick, send message and FR saying halo to Akiraa20
  3. Looking for someone to boost Tug of War Champ achievement, shoot me a message and FR saying Rock Band to Akiraa20
  4. Looking to boost Come Back Kid, send a FR and message saying rock band 2 to Akiraa20
  5. Looking to boost: A Fight of Courage and Pride I got a present for ya Online champion Team player Send FR to Akiraa20 with msg saying DBZ
  6. Looking for someone to do the "Be a Dick" achievement, shoot me a message GT: Akiraa20
  7. Need 2 other people to get Ultimate Menasor, Moonbase One & Ballistic Energon Goodie. GT: Akiraaa20 Send me message saying Transformers
  8. So still needing two more for FULL HOUSE and DON'T TOUCH THE CAR achievements so far it is: 1.Akiraa20 2.Paul Canniff
  9. Looking to do with friends like these, should we start a boosting party list? if you're interested then ask to be added to the list then we will set a date once we're at 7! 1.Akiraa20 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  10. Looking to tackle all gold medals and psychos in CO-OP but on the PC version of the game. PM me with the message Dead Rising. GT: Akiraa20
  11. Looking for someone with 4 controllers to get the following DLC achievements: Hammer Time Pull Blades of Fury Ghost Patrol Post Mortem … Get the Horns Awww, Too Bad Killtacular Have Fun Respawning Save This Film Delicious Brains Zombie Repeller I have 4 controllers also so doing it via Social should be no problem, send me a message saying "Halo" along with a FR. GT: Akiraa20
  12. Looking for the follow weapons: Hammers: Dragonebone Hammer Faerie Hammer of the Moon King Jack's Hammer Lunarium Pounder The TYPO Pistols Bloodcraver Dragonstomper .48 Holy Vengeance Rifles Arkwright's Flintlock Defender of the Faith Facemelter The Sandgoose Scattershot Skorm's Justice Marksman 500 Send me a message with "fable" in the title along with a FR. GT: Akiraa20
  13. Looking for a co-op partner to do the trials with along with the rating 4 stars achieve, send me a FR with the message "Dante" GT: Akiraa20
  14. Looking for someone to boost the following achievements: Army of One, Eye of the Tiger, The Team That Slays Together..., We Will Survive, Keep the Good Times Rolling, It's All About the Points. Send me a FR with the message "Res Evil 5". GT: Akiraa20
  15. Looking to boost FULL HOUSE achievement so need 3 other people, if you would like to get this silly achievement over and do with send me a FR with the message Ghostbusters attached to it. GT: Akiraa20
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