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  1. I have to say that I try to maximize the games but I don't play nearly as much as I once did... Though, you run into those games that have that 1 impossible or hard to obtain achievement, and I will give a good effort at beating it, but if I start breaking controllers out of anger, it is time to move on.. lol
  2. lmao this is too funny... well, from an outsider's perspective. probably shouldn't suggest anymore books to her unless it's by Dr. Seuss
  3. A few different ways to solve your problem: 1.) Buy a video card that supports HDMI output for your computer 2.) Buy external speakers to plug (in addition) to plugging your computer into your tv 3.) Buy or use a surround-sound. A lot of these support just a single audio input, run an audio cord form your PC to the surround sound and play it the sound through it. 4.) Buy or build a media-PC that can store the apps/videos/music you want to listen to. If done right, you can build a decent media-PC for under $400US (and still have a pretty decent rig). Use this to hook up to your television, and transfer the files from your current computer to that one.
  4. I'm curious to see how playing 3 different main characters plays out. I like that it is going to be different. Though, I feel like I am going to often rack up 5-6 stars on one of them, then switch to another after I get bored with the chase. (Wonder if I switch to another person, do a mission, then switch back if they'll still be chased by the cops?) hah. Regardless, graphics look like they've significantly improved.. Excited to play!
  5. Most retail stores won't allow this. Anymore, most retail locations wouldn't allow beyond 14 days for a return or exchange on any electronics. If it was purchased in Feb, you are going to have to contact microsoft. Luckily, shipping is usually expedited and the return time is very low on the repair, but it sucks you have to go through it at all
  6. Thanks, Sorrel! would it make you feel better if I pretended I knew you? haha
  7. Started this sleeve about mid-October 2012, finished around Feb 2013, total time under the needle was about 32 hours. Edit: Credit goes to a gentleman by the name of Mark Piper, based out of Midtown Tattoo in Erie, PA.
  8. Same thing kept happening to my old one... when I was actually successful loading into a game, it would often freeze there too, which was very frustrating. So, what I ended up doing was taking the 360, and selling it for parts, then bought a new one on sale, took it home and within less than a week it was doing the same thing. I took that back and exchanged it for another, and this one seems to be going strong so far, but I also rearranged the room it was in, because I read it could be from an electrical outlet that isn't grounded. Wish they were made more reliable. Least the cost of them has dropped significantly!
  9. Very awesome! Never played DR2, I didn't think I was going to. (Figured I would end up skipping it and going to the third) Though, as a game collector it would be great if they sent you the physical game. No big deal though, Free is free!
  10. ... But I am back!! It's been years since I have been on, and boy am I behind the times! At one point I had been one of the leaders in the gamerscore, well, that no longer holds true. I have spent the majority of my day looking through the updated website, revisiting old posts, and I must say I like a lot of the changes that x360a has gone through. (Even found and liked them on Facebook, too!) Wonder how many of you actually remember me?? And, since I had been gone and came back, I found that one of my guides have been published as well! Talk about awesome! I look forward to the future of gaming and the nextgen gamerscoring! P.S... anyone know if x360a.org is going to purchase additional domains to cover the xboxone achievements? haha
  11. Hey, All I need is to play as the Elf 100 times, Troll 100 times, and Dwarf 100 times to finish up this game. (free to be killed however needed) Add me and msg me to let me know. Ideally, it would be cool to set this up, and AFK. gt: zdarko
  12. lol thanks, perp. you're amazing. lol.. i cant tell what any other specs are from the black friday ad for best buy, what i mentioned above is really all i know. lol.
  13. its pretty much the same thing,except two people can sing together, or battle. the only other different thing is that it plays the actual music videos to the songs where rock band doesnt. aside that, it measures pitch and timing where i believe rock band is mostly pitch. if you enjoy singing as well, i'd say it'd be a good buy for both you and your wife. other wise if she is a solo person then just stick to rock band and the dlc.
  14. excellent. thanks guys. btw-> im getting that computer from best buy on black friday. :0) its ahell of a deal i think for 600$! then i can really get my gamerscore up! i appreciate the feedback
  15. lol leave it to ea to have to make room for their servers. i will give them the benefit of the doubt tho, i have had zero issues with lag on their servers thus far with the game.
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