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  1. Does anyone know any reason why my tomahawk challenge does not appear in single player? yes i have all the DLC i tried clearing my cache and nothing works. My friend recovered my gamertag and did the challenges and i did not get my achievement. I have no idea what is wrong? any suggestions?
  2. You actually don't have to get to those points you can just start on wave 15 from the get go, and even starting from wave 15 will get you the achievements.
  3. I just wanted to say that for the last man standing there are not 20 waves of 20 enemies, for the first 4 waves there are 15, then it increases 5 enemies every 5 waves. So wave 5-9 has 20, 10-14 has 25, and so on. Also i found the easiest map to get the achievement on was the first map, put on 3 armor so that you don't die as easily and do it in co-op. Also save your best primary weapon and gadgets for wave 20! i used the MP5 because it is super accurate and is a 1 shot headshot kill. The best place to be is up top because you can shoot the guys going for the EMP on the bottom and up top. Also to get the achievement for completing last stand on realistic on all maps you can start the game on wave 15 and just do the last 5 waves and it will count towards the achievement.
  4. I can already confirm that this works, i got detected while my friend did not get detected (not sure if it works in split screen but i assume it would) he got the achievement for it while i did not.
  5. GT: Sword of Life Final Fantasy XII was my favorite because it changed the battle system so radically, (in my opinion for the better) and i also loved the story and all the side quests that you could do.
  6. If i had number 1 i would brag about it then sell it for a huge profit, and i was also wondering what those letters meant, maybe in the guide it has the letters.
  7. I was just wondering how many people got the guide and what number they got, my number is 5937.
  8. Predator is for getting 50 predetor missile kills, in the prestige challenges.
  9. I also got Look! no hands, and The Automator from the same challenge. And for the last time, you get all those silver weapon titles, gold weapon titles, silver, and gold weapon emblems from completing the prestige challenges tied to each weapon. They are called Veteran, and Master.
  10. Read through other posts, ive posted it 2 other times. It is not the kills for the gold with skulls title it is headshots, and it takes 1000.
  11. 'Look! No hands!' is for getting the prestige challenge Look! No hands! I have this challenge and title, i also got 'The Automator' at the same time, but im not 100% sure if it was for that was well.
  12. Wrong thread to be posting multiplayer boosting. And why would you boost a game that just came out? it seems pointless and a timewaster...play the game for fun.
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