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  1. GameSpot reviewers confirmed for fucking casuals. Of course most of the doors are locked WHEN YOU'RE PLAYING ON AGENT. As for the twitchy manual aiming, turning the sensitivity down helps alot.
  2. Nothing wrong with the aiming as long as you adjust the sensitivity down to like 1/4.
  3. Alot of people are bloody idiots. Goldeneye has the story, but Perfect Dark has everything else.
  4. That's a pretty crappy reason to not get one of the greatest FPS games of all time. From the way you're describing it sounds like you want a really casual Halo-style shooter, and there's already plenty of them out there.
  5. Maybe that's because at least 90% of Internet memes originate from there... And I don't understand, did the previous Rock Bands not have HOPO's? Even if you need to do them for an achievement, it's easier than strumming them since you only have to use one hand... I don't get it.
  6. Mmm... I wouldn't call it GOTY, I think Scribblenauts will take that one.
  7. I guess it's called living in Australia :\
  8. Feel free to pay $80US for a hardcopy then...
  9. Let's see a decent online mode first...
  10. They should concentrate on fixing the horrible matchmaking system before changing any of the playlists... They can change them a thousand times but it won't mean shit unless you can quickly find a game. Waiting for upwards of 5-10 minutes just to find one other player with a player-base of over 2 million is fucking embarrassing.
  11. The same reason idiots buy points just to purchase Avatar clothes, because they're idiots.
  12. Shoot a grenade behind the boxes on the left in that room.
  13. They fixed the leaderboards.
  14. lol both of those games are worth their points... and so is Shadow Complex Many, many, many times over.
  15. Well, singleplayer has been fine for me both online and off... but the matchmaking system is fucking horrible. Doing stuff like opening my NAT and ports seems to have made it worse... is there seriously nobody playing this game or is online just that damn bad?
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