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  1. Honestly, I feel this was a waste of money. One of the worse DLC packs I've ever purchased. But, to answer the question, I started with the poker game and faced Amy, some chick whose name I cant remember, and an old guy who looked like the old guy that gives you the bestiary quest. I wonder if the games odds are coded against you or if I really just have terrible luck. It didn't take long for Amy to lose, especially when the old guy was winning 95% of the games. The guy had 1 pair in every game at least, and only rarely ever folding. When I matched him pair for pair, his hand was always higher giving him the win. The only times I managed to win was if I pulled a 3 of a kind or full house, and then there were 3 instances when I lost my full house to a flush or something. I just gave up eventually betting all my coins and lost. Afterwards I received a ton of medals but not enough to trigger the cutscene so I decided to play the other card game. Even after the tutorial I didn't quite understand the rules of it, but no matter I lost everytime anyway. There is always the one AI character you play against that wins almost every game. Like I said, either I have such shitty luck or squareenix just likes to fuck people with this random number generator bullshit. And the story, seriously they couldnt come up with something better? "Hi, would you like to alter the future!? PLAY CARDS!." Then you go play the cards. "OH You played cards! NICE! Too bad by doing so you erased the future. :(" -_- If you haven't bought this yet, I recommend you don't and just wait to watch the cutscenes on youtube or something. Others might have enjoyed it but I feel my money was wasted. No new area, no epic boss fights, just card games and a few minutes worth of cutscenes.
  2. I just tried again after a few days of not playing at all and it still happens. Its making me so sad.
  3. I made a post on Aksys's forums and they are looking into it. My CD is pretty clean so I thought it might've been my xbox. Although it's good to know its not just me having the issue. My game always freezes after Leonis says 1 line of dialogue. So sad because I nearly have the game completed. ;_;
  4. Awesome, thanks alot although im almost done with it now haha. I'll still get some for possible future playthroughs.
  5. Is anyone having issues with the game freezing after this boss? I have killed him 3 times and during the cutscene after my game has frozen all 3 times.
  6. Hit X to go to the world map and a path should open up from the Aegisthus continent to the boundrys edge.
  7. I actually had this problem too. Once you complete a little over half of the boundry plane, you should unlock mobius to fight. It unlocks when you beat him there.
  8. Has anyone found the attack+999 or magic+900 items they had in the last game. Griffins no longer give the attack+999 like they used to and the closest thing ive found was an ouroboros with attack+900. Just curious if thats the highest you can get.
  9. I read somewhere that no matter what choices you have you should unlock all the CGs eventually when you complete digest mode. I don't know how true that is but i'm working on it. You don't get to pick your bride in any of these. You're stuck with Fyuria, Valeria, Lavinia for the first 3 generations. I'm on the 4th one right now about to wrap it up. I missed a few events but I ended up unlocking the CGs with a couple titles.
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