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  1. Just a heads to to say a few people on various social media are posting that their character has been deleted upon loading the game after the new patch, as of now there is no official word from Ubisoft but a lot of people have been letting them know of the issue on various social media. As of now it seems the issue is Xbox only.
  2. Been a while since I was last here...I really need to clean up the place. Anyways 2 new free items: http://download.xbox.com/content/images/00001000-b145-42c3-c8e9-ecc95858081c/1033/thumblg.png Windows 10 Nijnacat http://download.xbox.com/content/images/00001000-aa4d-f2d3-c412-99515858081c/1033/thumblg.png Windows 10 Ninjacat Ski's
  3. You will still have to, you can only fast travel to the checkpoints if you are outside the dark zone.
  4. How do people do the LEC in such short time on challenging? We had our group in perfect sync & it still took us about 50mins with mostly hiding in the lifts baiting the enemies out.
  5. I have played it around 5 times today and not once got a high end drop, then again the only high end I have ever got was from the dark zone the other day, pretty much just a question of luck.
  6. So I just learned about scavenging in this game & I'm a level 23, I have really noticed a difference in the quality & quantity of items I have received since I put on some gears with the attribute on. I have added some information below as well as a video I found useful. What is scavenging? Scavenging is a minor attribute which appears on gear, currently the most common are knee pads & mask's as this attribute has not been found on any other gear. To keep it simple the higher % you have in scavenging the better chance you have for better quality & rare weapons to drop from enemies / chests How do I find what scavenging % I have ? To find what scavenging % you have you will need to go to your inventory, go to the character tab & then scroll down to the bottom and find scavenging under the exploration section. Where can I find gear that has the scavenging attribute ? The only two gears which have a chance to include scavenging are knee pads & masks. The chances are you already have an item in your inventory or stash which has the scavenging attribute already, if not then you can visit a gear vendor in any safehouse & buy it off them, but be warned the cheapest i have seen costs 9k and gave 13% scavenging. If you have the recalibration station unlocked in your base of operations you can spend some credits and see if you get the option of a scavenging attribute, note that this way is entirely random and the cost will increase with each time you try to recalibrate the same piece of gear. [ame] [/ame]
  7. Still working for me. I got 200k in a friends backyard before the server lost connection, went back in & the chest was gone. Just a quick note to say the servers will be offline for 4 hours at 10am on Tuesday 8th March, I'm not saying they will patch this with the maintenance but it could always happen.
  8. I assume you are in the preview programme ? Anyways a good way to fix this issue is by going to Setting then Network and click the 'go offline' option, then in the settings snap menu choose 'resart console', after the console restarts go back to network and click 'go online'.
  9. Welcome to the Arena...or as we like to call it, throw every grenade you have and hope you kill someone.
  10. Personally I'm using this one, the only negative is that you need to spend a bit of time upgrading vehicles and it more or less requires you to buy a pack with a vehicle, personally I would recommend portal.
  11. This is my 1st lego game, so forgive the possibly stupid question but does entering these disable achievements ?
  12. From what I remember I think you had to play at least 15 games.
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