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  1. The asian version has english subtitles!
  2. The asian version is glitched and the jap version is'nt...jap 1000 asian 700, I know I have both and have beat both, so has Rance....
  3. I got the jap version,it seems like a pretty cool game,but I'm already stuck in the begining. It has turn based fighting so if you don't like that in a rpg game you want like it.I wish it had an english option for those who don't speek japanese.you have a map that kinda guides you but at some parts it goes to nothing and you can get stuck like me.....
  4. N3 is very cool! It blows Dynasty warriors off the map.I can't wait for the jap game BulletWitch!
  5. I found the secret stage replaying Immphy! I was trying to go through and get some A ranks in missions and seen a mission that said "Another world"..I thought I'd post for future reference...just gotta build up to beat it that boss is a tough one!
  6. Looking for info , stuck already in begining!No english so it makes it tough!I love jap games but unfortunately don't speek japanese!:Bounce:If you've played EnchantedArms please reply!Thanks!
  7. http://card.mygamercard.net/VengefulCasey.pngI own a jap 360 and a few jap games like N3!
  8. Anyone know how to play the secret stage? I played through the whole game already..
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