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  1. Level 11 here, got 1650 RP for first place.
  2. Worked like a charm, but whenever I go to his back while he's stunned, I can get two bullets in before he turns around and unleashed the infinite ammo-ed crank gun. Shock and machine gun to the head seemed to work, thanks! Well, I found one handyman so far and I used the glitch to kill him for Heartbreaker. I'm gonna be pretty pissed at this game, aren't I?
  3. Gun. Just replay final boss on hard difficulty and you unlock Hard Playthrough achievement.
  4. This is the guy I have the most trouble with. I'm reading online that people are disappointed with the Motorized Patriots being a lot less tough than the Big Daddy, but I really really disagree with that. I don't have health to stock up on like the first and second game, and he has constant long range shots and I can't seem to get hit him in the back as often. Is the key to beating this guy from a very long range, or is there a Vigor combination that I can use?
  5. Any Multiplayer achievement boosting session please. GT: Tarento7386. I'll be on 7 or 8PM Pacific.
  6. Anyone feel the maps are way too small for the respawn to work correctly? I've had multiple times when I spawned right behind an enemy and vice versa, super annoying. Also, does the minimap seem slow at times?
  7. A very good hack and slash well worth the 4 bucks (well, good for its price! ). I hope you bought it!
  8. Shish Kabob Enemy Appetizers Slice 'n Dice Chop Shop Meat Market Losing His Mind These are the achievements you do NOT have, which require impaling, dismemberment, and decapitation. I don't know WHY you are missing these achievements, but I guess whoever made this doesn't want people going around doing gory things like this. Are you in another country by any chance? Because I know for Call of Duty Black Ops zombies in Germany, you CANNOT make zombies that crawl because they took that out for the German version (Too gory? I don't know...).
  9. http://clockpuzzle.pl/ Start with the north number
  10. Alright guys, I need your guy's help here. I am on 51st floor and I don't know how to get to this little part on the WEST. It's a crescent shape and I see a green dot. I thought the room next to it would be able to spin, but I can't find the switch for this POS. How do I get there? EDIT: Nevermind! Found it when I explored the room a bit more. The control was right across it around the center area!
  11. 1983 Plinko Got the first three prices right, missed the last price Did not work Got the first two and the last price right, missed the third price Did not work I guess this is a fluke
  12. I'm not making a complete list. Just a list of contestant's row (not really a priority), the prices for pricing games RELATED to achievements, and showcase showdowns.
  13. Hey everyone, sorry I've been AWOL. Just got really sick of this game and needed a break. I'm back for now, I'll start recording prices down again. Keep those prices coming in guys!
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