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  1. Would love that, if it don't take up too much of your time. Im lookin on reddit now for the best site or place i can get it print in the best quality. :D

  2. Ehm, yeah, nice idea. And no, i have no problem if you you use it to make a poster or something else of it. But for that use, this signature do not have the right resolution to print it as a "big" poster ^^ Maybe i can rebuild it in a bigger resolution, if you really want to print it.

  3. You don't mind if i get a horizontal wall scroll or poster for my man cave using your artwork do you? it'll be a couple months till im done painting and polishing the hard wood floors but man this would look nice blown up above my pc.

  4. You're welcome. Glad you like it :)

  5. Just wanted to send you a visitor msg on how much i loved the cap af gtx. love it man. thanks again!

  6. I think i teared up a little bit, thank you so much rajeanero!! Its perfect.
  7. Wanted to ask one you guys for some artwork for my steam profile. I love some mass effect 3 coop and use the paladin mostly and nicknamed him Captain Africa. So i wanted to see if anyone could make me a image of him/Citra/ and morrigan from Dragon Age. here's the images Captain Africa: main focal point prob. should be be in the middle. http://imgur.com/4xNNrQk Citra: http://imgur.com/SqwBkqY,4xNNrQk,Nv3mVoH#0 Morrigan: http://imgur.com/Nv3mVoH as for the background maybe a rainy tropical setting like in far cry 3 something silimar to this. & could you put captain africa somewhere on the picture Thanks whomever will tackle this for me. oh yea as for size whatever you feel you need and comfortable with.
  8. Thanks guys, downloading the demos right now. I appreciate the help.
  9. Thanks for the recs guys, i have peggle already. Gonna check out Hexic HD, someone on my friends list rec. Astopop as well.
  10. I need some help picking out a good puzzle/strategy arcade game from the XBLA. i'm a big fan of lumines and anything along the lines of tetris. Big fan of anything similar to final fantasy tactics as-well. If you guys would be so kind as to drop some titles you like or think i would like i'll appreciate it. Been eyeing "Clash of heros" a little. If i posted this in the wrong section let me know, been awhile since i visited the forums.
  11. X

    The back ground is sooooooooooooooo lovely.

  12. Gackt

    No prob :D Glad ya like it!

  13. X

    ah man, love it gackt. thanks for the time and effort comrade. Thanks! :D

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