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    Enjoy playing Xbox 360, import cars are great, and I love also retro gaming.
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  1. This happens to me everytime I boot up my console, load Batman, freeze on black screen. reboot console, play game again, works? WTF? Its a new console, Gears 3 edition? Wierd?
  2. No freaking wonder! I spent 10 hours on this thing and still cant get it wtf? So to throw the battarang, I presume its double tap LT? Thanks for that, will try again tonight.
  3. No freaking wonder! I spent 10 hours on this thing and still cant get it wtf? So to throw the battarang, I presume its double tap LT? Thanks for that, will try again tonight.
  4. Also, tried to hang around the Hagia Sofia tower, but there are actually two of these, the one in the middle (lower section of map) and one on the middle (right side of the map). I beleive one is refered to as Little Hagia Sofia Tower. tried em both, to no avail. But I got it elsewhere anyways. Thanks also for those that tried to assist with this acheivement, much appreciated.
  5. Ok I finally got this POS achievement tonight. I can confirm the following: - Got it at outside the bank at the middle of the map (bottom half). - I have 100% the game with every tower controlled by a Master Assassin, so it does work even with 100% control. No need to start a new game save. - The Tax Man spawned after I built the cash up to $78,000, ie my cash comes in increments of $26,000 or so, so at $78,000 is when the tax man rocked up. - I chased him and BEAT THE LIVING FARK OUT OF HIM for the achievement, then I carried his body around for 5 minutes, throwing it everywhere to make a point that this has to be the most ridiculous achievement out there, wasted 3 nights stuffing around trying to get it. Sheesh.
  6. Guys if you have appointed a master assassin to each den, them how the hell now a, I supposed to do this? I can't see, to unassigned a assassin to allow it to fall back under Templar control.
  7. This still doesn't make sense. Do I have to destroy all 4 arms?
  8. Tried this also and still freezes, so no luck still.
  9. Hi, no I haven't, but I'll try again tonight to see if it makes a difference. Boosty
  10. My game froze when I was fighting the snake in the old lady's house and the game froze. I had to reset the console and when I reloaded my game, the save was stuffed! Not happy! It said it was corrupted and there was nothing I could do? Has this happened to anyone else? Its bad enough I have to do 3 playthroughs, but now it will be 4, plus I had to redo all that Kinect Shit, cause I had done most of them. Argh!
  11. Hey guys, I've given up searching the web for an answer because i get a million PC Q&A's but no Xbox 360 answer. The issue: When I go to Autolog, after 5 or so seconds, it totally freezes the console. I've uininstalled and re-installed the game several times, cleared cache, no change. I have latest patch. Everytime regardless that I go to Autolog, booom, console crashes. has anyone else had this issue on their Xbox 360's? Any solution. Now the only solution I heard of was to buy another copy of shift, ain't gonna do that! Boosty
  12. I just bought this game today, if you want to boost, let me know. Gamertag is Boost King I am in Australia so note any time difference. Send me a msg with your friend request.
  13. I just got this game and I got the same issue? And I installed it to hard drive?
  14. Only information I've heard was that there will be 3 additional pieces of DLC made available in addition to Dead Money. No news on timing at all. Source: http://www.dailyjoystick.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2466:boosty&catid=47:general-news&Itemid=59
  15. I was doing a playthrough on Hardcore and was following the Yes Man quest line. However, there was a mission to put the platinum chip in the bunker. So I went to cottonwood cove and everyone was hostile too. I had no companiions. At New Vegas, Caesers messenger pardoned me off all crimes, and I checked my relationship with Caesor Legion and it was set to Neutral. So beats me. So I wore legion armour, walked right up to Caesers tent, as soon as I entered the tent, the dog sniffed me out and it was an all out brawl. There was no way for me to talk to him to get the bunker quest. As it turns out, I didn't need to do this quest to finish the yes man quest line, although I must admit I was intrigued by this outcome and thought I'd share it.
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