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  1. Ok, here's my quick translation of the achievements since some people were asking for them. The Flame's Origin -Watch the Prologue With a friend, for the sake of tomorrow -Clear all of The Red Night with a friend. Beautiful New World -Have everyone return safely from the mirror world. 11's "Eye" -See things from every angle. Visual Complete -Watch all events. Food Fighter -Eat all kinds of things with Takahisa (Tajima). 11eyes 25% -See through 1/4 of the 11eyes. 11eyes 50% -See through half of the 11eyes. 11eyes 75% -See through 3/4 of the 11eyes. 11eyes Complete -See through all of the 11eyes. 11eyes basically also refers to seeing things through the eyes of the 11 different characters that consist of the game. So it's not necessarily 11 eyes, but another meaning of 11 (sets of) eyes.
  2. Yeah, there really are alot of things in this game that hurt it's overall value. While there's so much to love, there's equally if not more things to hate. Yet even with that said, it's one of the best RPGs this generation I think. Botch and curse shouldn't even be in the game. When I got cursed, I would cringe everytime Rush's turn came up hoping he wouldn't KO. Another thing to add. I dunno if others experienced it alot, but the calling for reinforcements can sometimes get ridiculous. I was fighting those ghost like monsters on the 1st floor on the Ancient Ruins, and what started as a 3 enemy battle ended 35 minutes later with over 50 enemies dead. Everytime I would get the last union on their side low they would do the Cavalry Call III which would spawn 3 more unions. So needless to say, I know exactly what u mean when u talk about moments of controller throwing and cursing. But despite all its flaws and shortcomings, it's still an awesome game!!
  3. Well, I just got Irina in my party and did the 1 sidequest needed to get Jager, so that's it. I planned on getting to BR 70 and then continuing the main story. Ah, I didn't notice I could fight just Ymir, hahaha. I guess that would make it quite a bit easier. So, 2 Katanas and then upgrade, got it. Hopefully I have most of the items needed. But I just spent all 65,000 of my cash on Jager, so I'll need to get money too. In that case I should prolly do some grinding 1st to capture some monsters for cash and then upgrade those Katanas. Anything else u can add would be great. Thanks!!
  4. Hey guys, New member here. This is a great thread and it seems ALOT of ppl have put in ALOT of hours into this game and figuring out all this info. Right now I've just entered the Ancient Ruins at BR 43. My party is Rush and Caedmon, Jager and Torgal, Emmy and Irina as my 6 leaders. I can take down the Rockgraters when they appear on the 1st level (as long as there are only 1 or 2 of them in the battle) but I got worked by Ymir and his 2 birds. I expected as much since I just got there and haven't done any grinding yet. So, to my question. At this stage in the game, does anyone recall what equipment is good for Rush to have? I have a feeling my stuff is pretty weak, that's why I'm asking. I'm using dual swords and one of em is that Fire Sword I got from the 9 shards quest on Disc One. Also, for formations, I'm using Athlum's Arrow for most of the unions. Is there anything more effective at this stage in the game? If anyone can give some help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!!
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