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  1. I F/R you, I'm looking to do onslaught on all 4 levels, stab a friend 5 times, and kill with a helicopter. Send me a msg or F/R if you need any of the above LXL JEFF LXL Thanks, Jeff
  2. Im looking to do pretty much all dlc ach. gt: LXL JEFF LXL Thanks
  3. I'm about to start this game so Im looking for 4 ppl to get the full game achievement
  4. http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/topic/141622-how-to-remove-games-from-your-profile/ idk if your willing to go down that route, i havent tried it but it came up with google
  5. if the opponent quits and you choose to penalize them you get the win, but to get the achievements you have to win a full game
  6. yea its gay but they reset your stats every month
  7. im looking to do the 20 ranked wins msg me, LXL JEFF LXL Thanks
  8. I believe that is how you do it, play when not many people are online and hope u match up
  9. crew has been shut off as of dec 23, 2010. My friend emailed them and they told him they were shut down
  10. is crew games still available to play? i keep getting servers unavailable for this game type.
  11. my comp lags too hard on the loading section so its gay for me im mashing the buttons and by the time it lets me in its too early/late, and the box/skull method ive been trying for ever and cant get it
  12. this campaign was gay at times, its one of the few games i took a 6 month break from playing because it was so frustrating at times, seeing the grenade indicator with icons all the way around me was a blast.
  13. i need to get rainman, if u need it msg me LXL Jeff LXL
  14. im looking to get Impossible Band, Drum, and guitar challenges finished I have bass finished so if u need that one we can trade off
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