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  1. Super Smough is "easier" if you kite around the pillars so one is always between you and him. You can't do this with Super Ornstein, but he can still be "cheased" if you stay under his crotch. The only attack that can get you from here is the butt slam. Personally, I've always felt that Smough's shoveling bullshit was his most dangerous attack as he has a tendency to start spamming it.
  2. Almost entirely magic damage. Crest Shield if you absolutely need to block and Great Magic Barrier, if you really want the extra insurance when tanking a hit, will almost completely reduce the damage you take from them. Neither are super necessary though if you practice dodge rolling those swipes and stick to them.
  3. Summoning is based on Soul Memory, so level irrelevant. You will generally find it is easier to summon in NG than in NG+ and beyond, while the opposite is true for invading/being invaded. If you are roughly at 250K Soul Memory, being summoned for the Covetous Demon is usually pretty easy if you place your sign at the fog door. This is a good spot to farm the Sunlight Medals since this boss is really easy. As for support magic, 16 INT will let you cast Great Heavy Soul Arrow. Get a couple of attunement slots and stack two of these and you'll get 20 casts from it. Level a Sorcerer's staff to +10 and infuse it with a Faint Stone. You won't be the most damaging with it, but you'll get a good number of casts for ranging enemies when needed while doing OK damage. At roughly the same Soul Memory and a bit higher, you can be summoned for Smelter who is also pretty easy in co-op or the Old Iron King. If you are late game with 1 million + Soul Memory, Nashandra or the Throne Watcher/Defender are good options (especially if you picked up the Hollow Skin Mask in the Crown of the Iron King DLC, for the Nashandra fight, anyway). 500 - 600K Soul Memory and you can do the Mirror Knight or the Demon of Song.
  4. So very true, all of this. They made so many tweaks to things... which has made it less fun overall... but this is all very accurate in my own experience. Definitely do a build with a focus on offense over defense, and dump the vast majority of your points into that. Worry about everything else later. Hell, even Endurance is less relevant since the ratio of Stamina used makes it almost negligible for the amount of Stamina you gain by putting points into it. You'd need quite a few points thrown into it before you could get 4 swings instead of 3 before it was drained. Seems to be the case for almost every weapon (minus daggers). Good advice Asturgis.
  5. If you apply Power Within, a full upgraded Black Knight anything will wreck the Kings, even in NG+. In fact, you can wreck them up until NG+6. Then they can pretty much one-shot you no matter what your health is.
  6. Just an FYI. Having a phantom present will make the boss fight harder. All bosses receive a boost to health for each phantom you have present. 25% increase for one, 50% increase for two. For most bosses, this isn't an issue, but because the Kings have an enormous amount of health to begin with and because a new King spawns every 20 seconds, you are going to need some competent phantoms or the fight will become near impossible for you if they die. I have helped people in the past with this one and it is almost never quick and easy; expect to have more than one go at it unless you get a master Kings fighter. I find it much easier to solo this boss, but hope you find some help.
  7. At that level, you'll probably just want to farm the sunlight maggots in the Lost Izalith shortcut passage, as they will drop them, though it is rare, so have 10 soft Humanity and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring equipped. Unfortunately, most people don't level as high as you have (soft cap is 120, mostly for the purpose of PvP), so it will be difficult to find people within your range for summoning. Without starting a brand new character, farming will be your best bet.
  8. Buy the Bellowing Dragroncrest Ring from the sorcerer you rescue from the Lower Undead Burg with Residence Key. The ring is 20,000 souls. Get the Power Within Pyromancy from upper Blighttown Fully ascend the Pyro Flame to +5 (will cost roughly 300,000 souls) Buy Great Combustion from Quelanna in the Blighttown Swamp. She only appears once you have upgraded the Flame to +10 and have defeated Quelaag. Also buy Combustion from her. Buy another Combustion from the pyromancer that is rescued in The Depths. Get the Dusk Crown by defeating the Golden Golem that spawns in an alcove beyond where you fight the Hydra in Dark Root Basin. You must then summon Dusk from her soul sign that will appear near where the knight's armor can be picked up in the water. Return to the spot you fought the Golem and her armor set will be there. Make sure you have 4 Attunement slots. Make sure you have the Crest Shield. Do as Slaughter suggests and make sure you can fast roll. Equip these items and apply Power Within and wreck The Four Kings. If you run out of Combustions before the last king falls, just switch to melee. Unless you were horribly unlucky, they should be close to dead by then.
  9. I have to agree with you on the magic bit. It's not very useful in most situations other than as utility, but that's what a bow is for. Any significant damage is almost completely relegated to a melee weapon, which limits your build options for sure. I understand it is mostly to balance PvP, but I find I'm now on the fence about whether or not it's a good thing to have integrated PvE and PvP. All the balancing spoils things that people like for the PvE. I don't know, I suppose I never came to Dark Souls for the "hard"; it was for it's gameplay mechanics more than anything, but DS 2 already feels so padded in regard to difficulty that all the nerfing feels more or less like extra layers of padding and I'm still not finding a lot of fun variety in this game like DS has, even with it's nerfs.
  10. I have to be honest and say that I was very much tentative about buying any DLC for this game considering my apathy toward the main game, but.... I decided to get both just recently and they are miles above the vanilla game. It's too bad more thoughtful consideration didn't go into the vanilla game because if the areas were more like what you find in the extra content, I'd probably have loved the game like I did Dark Souls. I finally felt trepidation as I made my way through; not the reckless abandon I had for the majority of my first (and subsequent) runs of the main game. Now if they would just patch the "magically stuck to the wall" glitch that will occur during the Smelter and Guardian Dragon boss fights and reduce the size of the players hit box to at most being the size of the player character instead of being larger than the player character.
  11. 10. Reinforced Club Can be purchased early from the merchant in Undead Burg. Only requires 12 STR, has Bleed. Fully upgraded, it is a surprisingly viable weapon for an entire playthrough. Recommended for SL 1 runs. 09. Uchigatana Preferred DEX weapon for it's moveset and Bleed. Also obtainable early and minimal Stat investment required to use it. 08. Claymore Another weapon easy to obtain early on and very viable for entire playthrough. Excellent moveset, low weight and minimal Stat investment needed. 07. Great Scythe Generally not a fan of this weapons moveset, but still the best DEX weapon in the game. And, again, obtainable as soon as you reach Lordran. 06. Quelaag's Furysword Being predominantly fire-based damage, this weapon does have some limitations, but it is extremely fast and will work in most situations. Fully upgraded (and with other buffs applied), you can easily destroy The Four Kings. 05. Great Club High STR and weight needed for this, but obtainable early. Very high damage output and a lot of fun to use. 04. Butcher's Knife Again, can be obtained very early and is a surprisingly effective weapon. Used it for a novelty build and found that I actually loved this weapon. 03. Obsidian Greatsword I would have this at number 1, but since it requires the DLC, I put it here instead. This weapon is technically, in my opinion, the best weapon in the game. Requirements are not very high, weight is manageable, two-handed strong attack is very effective and damage output is high. The only real drawback is that it upgrades with Dragon Scales, so it is expensive to max it out, but well worth it. This weapon is viable for ANY build. 02. Black Knight Halberd Very high damage output and amazingly fast for it's size (so long as you don't miss your target). Can be obtained very early, but has high weight and STR requirements. 01. Black Knight Sword Easily on par with the Halberd once both are upgraded to +5. Less reach than the Halberd, but has lower weight and Stat requirements and is possible to obtain almost as soon as you reach Lordran (with some luck) and you have two other opportunities in the Asylum should you return there before having to wait until end-game. This is my preferred melee weapon for just about any playthrough. Is also viable for ANY build-type.
  12. Mace + Lightning Infusion = All you will ever need for PvE. The vast majority of enemies are weak to Strike damage and the Mace will own all the way through. Sure, there are plenty of better STR weapons that can be obtained later, but the Mace you can have immediately if you start as a Cleric or you can purchase it from Lenigrast once you get the key to open his house.
  13. I'm actually going to be selling my 360 and games and strictly play on PC. If Project Beast gets an announcement next week at E3, I'll pick up a PS4 whenever it gets released. The two newest consoles are just custom PCs anyway. If you had access to their OS's and custom firmwares and drivers, you could literally build your own PS4 or X1. #pcmasterrace
  14. Can't say how long it would take, but having 2 million + souls in memory shouldn't be an issue, even from NG, so long as you did most everything. I had 2.5 million souls accumulated by the time I reached NG+ on the last build I started and wasn't even trying; just fought most bosses and used most of their soul items (not overly concerned about weapons from Straid/Ornifex, but did get spells). I did zero co-op. I realize this doesn't answer your question, but I figured this was true for most since they just kinda give souls away.
  15. Attacking Vendrick as soon as you get the King Ring is supposed to allow you to fight him with his defense at normal values. If you leave the area and/or die (basically, reset the area), his defenses will be 32 times their normal values until you have collected Giant Souls, with each one dropping his defense. I have done this a number of times with no problems. However, it appears that now you cannot do this; his defenses are at 32 times their values no matter what until you get Giant Souls, but since the version is still 1.02 I was just wondering if anyone else noticed this too. From may not have intended to give you an early opportunity to kill Vendrick without having the Giant Souls, so it might have been a small unannounced tweak, but even then, I haven't been prompted for any updates either. The only other possibility is that it occurred due to a bug. Suppose I'll have to start a new character and see if it happens again.
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