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  1. Its happened to me on my 1st playthrough. I ended up restarted my game because of it.
  2. Make use off all your potions, armor & sword enhancement. If Normals hard then your definitely not ready for dark. To me dark is a little challenge but it's doable...potions & enhancements...parry & dodge...
  3. Ive been seeing these white arrows on the field map and I'm wondering what are they. When I go to the area it's nothing there. Can someone fill me in...
  4. Thanks. I haven't come across that yet...I'm gonna check it out afterwork today...
  5. I searched everywhere and just can't seem to find the accelerated clock option. Did they take it out? I actually like playing all sports games with the actually quarter length but without accelerated clock it makes my 15 min quarters go so slow...
  6. Can this still be obtained because game 6 is still showing under NBA today tab???
  7. I've been driving my Audi ever since I won it at the casino...I love to just cruise in that car...
  8. I just brought my copy of TDU2...popped open the box and right away go to enter my pre order casino code and I get an invalid code message...so I check the code to see if it matches up and it does...I erase it re-enter it and still the same message...I kept retrying it and nothing...has this happened to anyone else?!?
  9. What if they made a present day game where u only play as Desmond...Do you think the ppl at ubisoft can pull that off?!? I think that would be interesting...
  10. It's not on your pre-order receipt. It's on your finalized receipt. Question...did u pre-order from Gamestop? If not that's why u don't have it...it's a Gamestop exclusive code...
  11. Well I finally got ahold of my local Gamestop and they just gave me a new code over the phone...I've been going to that same store for 5 years so everyone knows me...I didn't need to verify my pre-order or nothing
  12. Yea it sucks then I called my Gamestop this morning and they put me on hold for ten minutes so I hung up and when I call back I just get a busy signal
  13. I pre-order the game awhile back and went to pick up my copy from Gamestop at midnight. I got home and entered my code in for online access then immediately afterwards I entered in my UNIQUE pre-order code. What do u know...my code isn't so UNIQUE because some how it's been claimed already...WTF...Has this happened to anyone else or am I the online one who got jerk outta my so called bonus code...
  14. I too need that achievement. If anyone can help me message me on Xbox live
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