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    a tattoo artist
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  1. hey nitram


    i and a mate of me can help you with damnation and you guys can help us also with the game you can sent me a FR and a message on xbox to my


    my gamertag : tattoo lucifer


    cheers mate

  2. i and a mate of searging 2 more people so mabay we can hook ithother up with the achievements you can sent me a FR and a message on the xbox my gamertag : tattoo lucifer i hope we can do this together
  3. i need 3 more people to boost with me in online of damnation for all online achievements if you whant to boost it sent me a PM to my gamertag GT: tattoo lucifer
  4. i need the Six Degrees of Schafer achievement can someone give it to me
  5. i think its for a new DLC whits it is bad ass the have a new pice of land
  6. i need help with or a strategie for de last guy after ophelia i still trying but one tower i make dead then i whant the second en then i am dead with my man and the fan boots are gon and i cant make any dudes anymore then it say's brutal defeat p.s its on brutal lvl
  7. if you abuse someone make sure you do it right because i have made this one myself and mabey it is almost the same i cant do anything obout that you no i have bine working 2 days on it to make it al right if you dont like it that's not my problem i now that i have make it by myself if you dont belive it that its your problem and you do not have to put :rant: if there no resun for that
  8. i you play human to hell in hell you got almost 300g and then you can do the blood tower then you got almost 470
  9. great guide but i dont got to need it iwhant to find out ervrything by meself i will play this until i have 1000 g on this game i will take alot of time but i am going to make it
  10. ik ben miss niet goed in engels schrijven weetje ik heb ook nog dislectie dus ik vin nog dat ik het redelijk heb gedaan en ik krijg er vorderest geen klachten over en gozer die het mij heeft vertaalt ja hij is miss ook niet de beste meer in japans hij kwam hier wonen toen hij 5 of 6 was
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