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  1. Voted 8. Chess AI app will help with some (but not all) of the campaign and difficulty achievements. Can be tough otherwise. MP is easily boosted.
  2. Well I'll be goddamned, it worked. You're my hero, dude.
  3. FYI, still works. Guessing this will never get patched out, so enjoy! (Seems more necessary now, as the commercials appear to have dried up.)
  4. This is completely unhelpful. EDIT: OK, scoured the internet and found a method that works easily. Sure, use Khali against 5 minimum stat, short/lightweight CAWs (must be male, by the way). When the match starts, jump out of the ring and grab a ladder, take it all the way up the ramp and set it up. Then go back and grab the other ladder and do the same. Now, beat the ever-loving piss out of the CAWs. Ideally, KO them (the red flash; it won't eliminate them, but they will stagger around a lot - you need this). Once all 5 are all/mostly red and on the ground, run and grab a ladder and take it to the ring, set it up, and get the case. You *should* have plenty of time to take the entire case down, as the CAWs will be slow/staggering. If not, rinse/repeat as necessary.
  5. Thanks for posting this. Sorry that you took the other guy's advice and tried it, but you just saved me the same experience.
  6. I have no idea how this helped, but it did. Thanks.
  7. Bullshit. This game is nowhere near a 3/10. It may be easy after Expert but Expert itself is a pain in the ass.
  8. One note: For the subway malls, if you just add another tube station (a 7th), you can get that achievement in ~30 minutes. Each station appears to max out at 16 mall blocks, so 6x16=96. Add one more and all you need to do is feed the stations with materials and passengers. The long AFK grind is presumably due to waiting for the mall spots to cycle. Also, if you drop the materials yards in proximity to the arriving resource trains on the ground level, they will fill up, obviating the need for an underground materials train.
  9. My understanding is that it is the exact same game and achievement list. Only difference is the score, as the Japanese version is on-disc (1000 points) and the rest of the world is XBLA + DLC (400+50+50). Rumor is that it was originally to be a worldwide retail release, but City Interactive opted to self-release on XBLA, whereas its distribution contract in Japan still demanded a retail release (and under the old game name).
  10. Not sure if this qualifies, but these are stacks: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/combat-wings-the-great-battles-of-world-war-2/achievements/ http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/dogfight-1942/achievements/ Anyone have a definitive list of regions for Combat Wings? IIRC it's an NTSC-J retail release of the NTSC/PAL Dogfight XBLA game.
  11. It's pretty good. You have to get used to the responsiveness of the game itself (I found myself overcompensating on turns a LOT) but the recognition is pretty solid. I'd compare it to Kinect Adventures, and probably a bit behind Leela (which has pretty great recognition, even to fine detail, oddly).
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