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  1. This question is for MP Unwavering. In order to get credit for a gold finish, does just one person have to extract? Or do you have to be alive for you to get credit for getting a finish? To give an example, if three of us are dead at the end of the wave but our stealthed Infiltrator successfully extracts alive, do all 4 of us get credit for a gold finish for the achievement? If so then that's a valid tactic to utilize for getting an extraction. Three people could go the opposite side of the map from the extraction zone, fight the enemies leaving the line infiltrator stealted at the extraction zone for the extraction. It doesn't matter if everyone else dies as long as someone gets out.
  2. True you can wire them directly together but I wasn't sure of the 360's port could direct link with a normal straight thru cable or if it needs a cross over cable and I didn't feel like explaining what a crossover cable is and how to tell the difference. I imagine most people have a router with a couple network ports on it to use as a switch.
  3. Network them together with a switch, each box needs a TCP/IP address. Create two dummy profiles on the box rolling with two pickup persons and one dummy profile on the box with your main profile. Login to all the profiles. Fire up gears on both. On your main profile box hit the back button and switch to system link. It'll say there's no party so hit Y to create one. Now on the dummy box hit back and do system link, but this time it should show your main profile box, join the game. Once all 4 people are in the lobby, fire up horde.
  4. Are there any Horde maps with both a Gorgon and a Boltok pistol? I seem to only find two of one kind on the maps i've tried.
  5. You guys that are doing multi-console Recon Xp exploit. how do you set that up? I tried tonight and it sucked. First are there any maps with both a gorgon and a boltok to buy? I tried a 3 player with two gorgons and a snub and that didn't work out at all but I haven't foudn a map yet that has one of each pistol on it. So after that fail, i tried a 3 person with rifles. I had 4 different guns available being picked up by two different people, so 2 on the floor, 2 in hand. there were significant delays in picking up weapons and even worse was spotting wasn't working well. I'd get a few spots in a row then a long pause, then another few . I dont understand what I'm doing wrong. Any pointers would be helpful, maybe even a video of the actual setup for doing it with multi-console rather than just a bunch of people standing in the corner already. ineed to know how to get to that point. Thanks.
  6. I don't know if you can turbo-fire the stick click or not, but even if you can it's kind of hard to put enough force on the stick to hold it down and have it not drift. So what I do is I remap the stick click to the B button and put the B button on the stick. Then when I enable that, i enable rapid fire and pick the newly remapped B button for rapid fire and that's a lot easier to weigh down and not have any drifting.
  7. I've got the Datel TurboFire 2 controller and it works like a champ for this. What I do is i use the re-programming app on my computer to map the L stick click to the B button and B to L stick click and map that to Feature Button 1. then i map rapid fire to feature button 2. Once i'm satisfied that the auto-pickup weapon bounce is good (i have it 12 swaps before deciding), i fire up the spotting. So first i hit Feature button 1 to remap my L stick click and B. Then i hold feature button 2 down and tap the B button to make it repeat. Repeating speed doesn't matter. then i sit my TF2 controller beside my xbox and put a screwdriver on the B button and walk away. None of my controllers 'drift' so everything is pretty stable so far. there's always the random chance of a bad weapon bounce but i try and minimize that with how i sit my character in the corner. So far it's working like a champ. My ONLY complaint about the TF2 controller is that even if i use the USB cable and plug it into the xbox for power, it still shuts off after like 2 1/2 hours. No idea why. I do have the original TF2 controller though, it's black and silver with blue thumbstick tops not black/black like the new ones.
  8. I have 40 onyx, 10 gold and 15 silvers. Once i heard re-upping was going to throw away your banked XP if you were already 100, i stopped promoting the medals to the next color so I could get a bunch of XP from them once i re-up. So i guess tonight i'll start the medal grinding again.
  9. Ya Epic has officially said as of TU3, re-upping won't let you pop Ser3.0 again until you hit 100 again.
  10. Just an FYI : If you are close to popping Seriously 3.0 you might want to delay re-upping. As of TU3, if you re-up and reset your rank but haven't re100d yet and unlock your last onyx medal, you WILL NOT pop seriously 3.0 until you hit 100 again. That is OFFICIAL from epic. Numerous tweets about it can be found here https://twitter.com/#!/PeteNub Interesting in one he references TU3 so maybe in TU4 they'll fix the problem.
  11. I'd say there are probably less than 100 people who have put in the 1500+ hours it would take to boost Ser 3.0. The rest spent 10 minutes game save hacking their stats to pop it.
  12. Looking to do the "Foreshadowing" achievement, shoot me an inv TANK 2old2play
  13. For Headshots, Pistol Kills, Marking, Kills with meat shield, pickup weapon kills and active reloads. I use 2 controllers, 2player TDM one on each team on the church map. I set it to 3 rounds to win, 35 respawns and all weapons are Boltok. Run across the front of the church and pickup 3 boltoks, one up each staircase and one in the middle. If you spawned COG setup on the bottom of the stairs leading to the wine cellar. If you spawn locust setup across from the cog spawn in front o fthe steps leading to that elevated planter area. Now run over with the 2nd controller, down the person with the primary and pick up your meat shield. Your secondary will keep spawning in the same place. When they spawn in, mark them, mark them a second time when the firs tone expires and mark them a 3rd time, at this point the immortality will be worn off and you can immediately fire. Try and do 2 shot headshot kills, that way the respawn clock will be between 1 and 5 seconds. If you take too llong it'll go to 15 seconds. At some point you'll run out of bullets, anytime you get a 15 second respawn on the secondary, use that opportunity to go pickup ammo. Come back to your spot and then run to yourself with the secondary, down him and pickup your meat shield again. Doing this you can get 100-108 kills in 30 minutes counting for a bunch of medal progression. Plus you get 300 spots. I haven't found a method yet that work son more medals simultaneously than this one does.
  14. Congrats to all who have it. I've been grinding this out and only have ~32 medals or so. I WISH i were done with it. Plus sidei have a number of gold ones i'm grinding thru. Wingman takes FOREVER to idle boost it, left it on for 6 days over thanksgiving and came back... 700 matches played O_o
  15. Actually i don't know why but I think this game looks interesting. I like that it's an exercise game but you do it in a Tomb Raider style setting so it's not like you're grinding out reps. I think it might be decent for an exercise game.
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