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  1. i've started playing on hard and i can confirm that after you finished 1 chapter you CAN NOT select Paladin difficulty. I guess it will unlock when you complete the game on hard. End of chapter 1 is after defeating the Ice Titan.
  2. yes it is i can confirm as i played the game and it has the same achievements
  3. normally it would its 18:30 gmt and no 20x at the moment
  4. i'll start a lobby this weekend at several hours so if u wanne go for it send me a fr gt : Entrax
  5. man some people are morrons with a lobby over 40 people it's a pain to get 24 people together playing, they stay in the lobby doing nothing jeezes. they create a 12 vs 12 lobby and they do nothing, grrrrrrrrrr just join a session , unbelievable i hate those cheevo's i hate them really bad
  6. add me for this weekend mp me or fr , gt: Entrax
  7. can't play it at all, freezes at press start screen , again an EA title that's bugged like hell pfffffff
  8. same here it freez random
  9. same here, d/l game pack 3 , played a couple of games, today want to game freezes at load screen , rubbish grrrrrrr
  10. as it's written in de description when u d/l , pack one has 8 free games and pack 2, 7 free games not the 30 , it's clearly written in description
  11. need to boost scrap yard i you wanne do this add me gt : Entrax update : done
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