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  1. Merry Christmas! http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/images/smilies/xmas.gif

  2. Yes, I noticed that too when it came out on discount for Steam. Snapped it right up. Such as completing it on Impossible or Ironman mode. I did both in one attempt each, but wow were they hard. What a relief when they were done.
  3. Sonovabitch!! Now that I've unplugged my X360 (and no longer on Gold), the achievement is now available. Typical!
  4. Not me. In fact it's been unplugged and awaiting scavenging since the 17th.
  5. Well, that bombadier achievement is a bit of a bitch (I've also had a ton of double hits, and many times I've had two tanks near death right next to each other, only for my shot to either miss or simply be stuck reloading as I watch them move apart), but that's really the only luck based one; the others may be somewhat luck based, but you can significantly improve your odds by your choice of tank, depending on the achievement. The tank squashy one didn't require luck at all as that was done in the training mission (the old training mission, not sure if it can be done in the new one). Yeah, I suppose getting that bombardier achievement effectively twice is kinda lucky, but you know, luck has its ups and downs. Yes, after 2,655 battles, I've worked that one out. And from the 288 missions I ran as a scout I also know you're not going to detect someone on the other side of the map right at the start of a match either. That's why I flip into strategic mode regularly, hence why "sneaking" up on me never works, and usually ends up with me getting an easy kill. Those scouts do like to try it on, you know. You can tell when people don't read what's been posted... Unless you mean they're following my tracers... without me actually firing? That doesn't happen; the game doesn't work like that. And I always stay away from other tanks for that very reason as well, as they could draw accidental fire towards me. If someone decides to park their tank right next to me, I'd move. In the past there was a chance that I might just shoot them myself, but gone are the days where you can team kill (and let's face it, a scout camping at the back of the base is a little less than useless anyway). Really, the only way I could've been hit at the start of a game is 1) being incredibly unlucky by enemy artillery winning the lottery, or 2) being incredibly unlucky by being in the same team as someone who thinks it's a fantastic idea to stream his game play and let everyone who's watching know where the rest of the team are.
  6. Well yes, there's that, to a level you won't believe (I ought to post images of some of the ridiculous things that happen). There are times, much like that El Halluf scenario, where I'm sure there's a bit of "stream sniping" going off. And then there's the invisible building problem I mentioned before, where enemies can spot you from half way across the map, through terrain and buildings (literally half way across the map, so there's no way proximity sensors would kick in). I've had it myself where I've spotted enemies in that fashion, leaving me wondering how the hell I managed to spot them. This mostly occurs on Ensk. IIRC, the Hummel (Tier VI) was the first in the German line that could be in one corner of the map and hit a target in the opposite (diagonal) corner. Looks like the range of the German Tier VIII is a bit shorter than that of the Tier VII, but have been considering upgrading since I just don't do enough damage fast enough in Tier IX games (nevertheless I usually do most of the damage anyway); have about 200k exp excess on my elite GwPanther.
  7. Did you even read my post? If I did something stupid which could alert the enemy to my presence, then no, I wouldn't be surprised. If I had remained at the spawn point then I'd be surprised if I didn't get hit, but to hit someone with such precision in such a large area on the first try by "luck" is really pushing it. There's a much higher chance of winning the lottery than to land a lucky shot like that, and at Tier VII, players are less likely to take pot shots at large open areas in the hopes of hitting a comparatively tiny target, and even splash damage from a miss several metres away wouldn't be enough to destroy a GwPanther, which is why I find it rather dubious that it was down to luck.
  8. Yes, I know how to play as artillery; I thought I made that apparent in my previous posts, and it's my primary choice of tank which is why I don't do basic shit like that, and likewise probably why I'm almost always the MVP even in higher tier games.
  9. No, I avoid places artillery tend to go since I'm the one who usually blind fires at those places, and no warnings either. But on maps like El Halluf, where there's huge areas to go to, and lots of good locations, it's highly suspicious when someone scores a direct hit on his first try without taking pot shots. I know what it's like when enemy artillery is taking pot shots; that's happened before too, but a direct hit on the first try, without me ever having fired? Very suspicious.
  10. That's not the only thing making the game unplayable. For some reason enemies are able to spot through terrain, buildings, etc, even from the other side of the map, literally. There's just no way that enemy artillery can pinpoint and destroy me right at the start of a game when I'm still moving my artillery into a good position without them somehow knowing where I am, and it's not even possible for their scouts to have spotted me so early in the match either. This has happened a few times already.
  11. That bit is nice, but then there are those times where you somehow manage to miss every single shot you fire. 12 shots, 0 hits, 0 damage. Just imagine, losing 6 games in a row, and despite that you do fairly well (even on atrocious maps for artillery); ranking at the top of the team board for damage and exp. Next you're in a match, miss every shot and you win... with a x5 multiplier. I've had losing exp that was more than double what I earned in that match...
  12. Event highlights: Free premium tank (Tier II American T1E6-X) Free garage slot x5 multiplier for the first match http://worldoftanksxbox360edition.com/en/news/game-events/wotx-extravaganza-weekend/
  13. I see there has been another patch. Hopefully they've sorted out the persistent banner, long load times, and black screen problems Edit: Oh wait, looks like I've been given a Tier II premium tank for free.
  14. Okay, the perpetual banner problem has occurred 5 times now. Every time it's when I get loading issues (which I never had before) and enter the game late. Like now, I entered a match, one second later I'm dead. Also, it seems like I'm being put in with really shit teams on a constant basis now; more so than usual. I wish I had a recording device so I could show you all the legendary level of ineptitude I'm seeing right now. For example, we were on a game of assault and our team had to defend the base. This is where 2/3 of our team decide to roll off down one flank to "capture" the enemy spawn point for some reason, leaving only 1/3 defending the other flank. Naturally the entire enemy team came down the only flank that was defending, as that was the shortest path to our base. Another time we were playing encounter, and even though only 1/3 of the enemy team were actually doing anything (compared to all of my team doing something), we still managed to lose! I swear, I have never, ever seen gameplay that bad for so many matches ever before. It could be expected of lower tiered players, but Tier IX/X?
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