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  1. It really depends on presentation I suppose, I know my favorite RPG of all time was KOTOR for the original xbox, and that was sort of turn-based. Then my second favorite is Fallout 3, and that has some turn-based elements in it as well as action elements. I think that games which combine both are usually pretty fun as it allows you to mix things up and doesn't keep you stuck in one way of playing which definitely increases replayability.
  2. My family gold runs out in May, so I am going to stick it out and do all the multiplayer achievements before the new deadline of June. Hopefully it will all work out in the end.
  3. Anybody found a solution for this yet? I am going to be quite upset if I cannot ever finish this game because they shut down the servers before my family gold expires.
  4. I have bought: Halo 4 NCAA Football 13 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 I plan on buying: Assassin's Creed III Borderlands 2 Dishonored Sleeping Dogs The Witch 2: Assassins of Kings
  5. I have 4 controllers and I am looking to boost all crimson map pack achievements. Would prefer others with 4 controllers to save time. Send me a message and FR. GT: Panzer x360a
  6. All things considered, it bets actually drinking Mountain Dew, so I applaud you for your sense of economy.
  7. Just did this and it worked like a charm. Great find, it probably saved me 45 minutes at least of my life that I didn't have to waste on that level.
  8. Master Chief and Cortana discover some threat to humanity, and then proceed to save the world against all odds.
  9. I think it looks pretty good, and it is interesting to actually get to see the inner workings of the console. It has convinced me to get the Halo 5 special edition Xbox 720 as well, which I hope will look just as good.
  10. I use FOTUS armor, Steel as the primary color and gold as the detail color.
  11. So one can be racist and face no repercussions, but if you say one bad thing about a female, YOUR BANNED. Also, how exactly do they define sexism? What can you say to a female and what can't you say? How can they claim to punish a crime without defining it properly. I mean it is not like we are robbing someone or stealing their car, there is way too much grey area here to warrant any sort of punishment system, let alone the xbox equivalent of the death penalty on the first offense.
  12. Getting the War Games Pass for sure, save me some money anyway. I voted for Skyline because the futuristic city setting has always appealed to me, and I think it could make a great multiplayer map if done right.
  13. Pumped to get my Halo 4 Console even more now, should look great in my game room. November 6 is only two weeks away now.
  14. The Hobbit and Lincoln are probably the two movies I for sure want to see that are upcoming. I have high hopes for both of them, hopefully they will not disappoint.
  15. Will this match the LE Console, or is it meant for those not getting the console? The Halo 4 console controllers look alright, but I kind of prefer this one to those.
  16. There is, but not much. Most of the games that have a lot of people in them are vehicle matches, or every once in a while you can get SWAT or BR games.
  17. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil on the Nintendo 64 when I was four. Great game, cannot believe it was that long ago that I played it.
  18. It wasn't random last year when you were opening bronze packs, if you got a shiny bronze player in a pack who had been transferred, that would trigger the achievement. If there are transferred players already then it could still work, but otherwise you would have to wait until February or even next summer for transfers to happen.
  19. Does it necessarily mean that Brutes are in the game though? Just because there is a gravity hammer you can use doesn't really mean there are definitely Brutes. Anyway if Brutes are in the game hopefully they are the Brutes from Halo 3, they were a lot more fun to fight then the Reach brutes.
  20. I like the way they did it in reach by making psuedo-remakes of maps in forge, but I did not like how they looked. It seemed to me whenever I played a Forge World map they were all basically the same just because they looked the same, if you really want to remake maps remake them like they were, Blood Gulch for example did not fell at all the same with the Valhalla-esque water at one end and the lack of Red Sandstone walls. On topic though, if there is one map that they should bring back it is The Pit of Halo 3, one of the best maps they ever made I think, and they have beaten the Halo 1 and Halo 2 maps to death, they need to look either toward making new maps or bringing back the best of Halo 3.
  21. I really liked the Mark V in Halo Reach, but then I did not like it at all in Halo 3. Halo 3 had some good ones, but in general I preferred the Reach helmets and armor to the Halo 3 helmets and armor. I am sure Halo 4 will continue the trend, seeing as 343i already have a ton of designs to work with from what Bungie did.
  22. Won't much matter to me as I will be using my FOTUS probably the whole time anyway. Also from experience with Call of Duty, I realize I like the plain unskinned weapons over skinned ones. I am glad though that I can buy the season pass thing without having to get the LE game.
  23. Hopefully it will be better being an infected on Halo 4, because it got to the point where it was just stupid in Reach, especially with the survivors spawning with pistols.
  24. I love how apparently the Plasma Pistol - BR/Carbine combo is still going to be a major part of the game.
  25. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, I got it before I even got the 360 itself.
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